Zennie62media At Super Bowl Lix, Las Vegas Stadium, Kobe Bryant, Jerry Brown Dissed Poor Oaklanders
(Last Updated On: January 29, 2020)

ZENNIE62MEDIA At Super Bowl LIV, Las Vegas Stadium, Kobe Bryant, Jerry Brown Dissed Poor Oaklanders


ONN – MEDIA At Super Bowl LIV, Las Vegas Stadium, Kobe Bryant, Dissed Poor ers

A wide-ranging live on for Tuesday night. We talked about my upcoming trip to cover Super Bowl LIV Week in Miami. Then, reviewed the latest Las Vegas Stadium , including the ahead-of-schedule seat installation process, and got from a text that needs to be confirmed: the Raiders reportedly missed payment deadline on the $600 million Bank of America Loan, and had to turn to the for help.

The only recent action that seems to support that text I received, is where the extended debt to the Raiders in December. The story was made to look all-nice by explaining that the additional $252 million in Las Vegas Stadium / Allegiant Stadium personal seat license revenue would help pay that debt off. The real question was why was the debt needed? Now we seem to know the answer, if that is true.

One thing that’s true is the Raiders sought out Bank Of America’s Elliot McCabe’s help after Sheldon Adelson publicly severed their business relationship, when he realized Davis and Raiders President Marc Badain cut him out of any sharing of stadium revenue. (Something I believe was a fake story designed to help Davis land Owner approval – with the most casino owner of all trying to buy in to the league via the Raiders (and for his kids and did have Jerry Jones on his side), the prospects of a solid favorable Owner vote were only hopeful. With it looking like Adelson was out, the Owner votes came flying in – all save for Miami Dolphins Owner Stephen Ross. Ross personally told me he didn’t think the Raiders had any money to successfully pull off a stadium build in Las Vegas. Period.

Love to know what Ross thinks now.

Pops Off About Disliking Poor ers And Affordable Housing Sullying His 10 K Project In

Jerry Brown As Mayor Of Oakland (youtube)
As Mayor Of ()

Finally, former California Governor and Mayor basically took time to dis poor (and does he think black) ers during an interview with Scott Shafer on KQED during a series of 40 hours of recorded talks done in January of this year. In his blog called 48 Hills, former Bay Guardian editor Tim Redmond wrote that Brown “sounded like Donald Trump”.

Brown said that his 10K Project (which I worked on) with its goal of bringing 10,000 new residents to was really about bringing 10,000 rich new residents. Brown said that if he allowed affordable housing and Section 8 housing, the poor people who lived there wouldn’t have enough money to spend around; he wanted people with money (read: white) living in downtown and dining and enjoying the upscale restaurants and entertainment venues he prized. Have doubts Jerry said that? Listen to this segment called “Direct Action”: https://www.kqed.org/news/11795095/direct-action

He said he didn’t want to require builders to add subsidized housing because “people who want the government to pay for their medicine and their housing, that’s not how we’ve been doing it in this country.” Well, don’t expect Brown to back Bernie Sanders, at least at this writing.

That squares with other classist and racist comments Brown made in 1999 and 2002, and mentioned in my Oakland News Now post called “Oakland 2020”. Brown started his run for Mayor of by attacking what he and Salon columnist Joan Walsh called a “racial spoils system”, then he basically said there were too many blacks in department head positions in !

So, would those elected officials who sought ’s endorsement please stand up!

Stay tuned.

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