Zennie62 Meets Racist Atlanta Fake Jesus Freak At Super Bowl City

(Last Updated On: January 27, 2020)

Zennie62 Meets Racist Atlanta Fake Jesus Freak At Super Bowl City

ONN – Zennie Meets Racist Fake Jesus Freak At Super Bowl City

Last week, this ger encountered a racist so-called “Jesus freak” while walking to the Georgia Congress Center to pick up the Super Bowl Media Pass. The man was part of a group that was standing at the intersection just across the street from the CNN Building, which became part of the giant layout the NFL calls “Super Bowl City.”

The “Racist Fake Jesus Freak”, as he will be referred to, obviously had a good meal because he was energetically pointing specifically to African Americans and saying “You need to find Jesus.”

As one who believes in the lord Jesus Christ, I was personally insulted. So, rather than ignore him, I decided to call him out, using a video trick I learned from “The Kids in The Hall”.

The Kids in The Hall was a Canadian comedy group that was active between 1988 and 1995. One of their most popular segments was something called “I’m crushing your head”, and where actor David Foley would speak in a nasal voice while pointing to people in the distance (thus with “smaller” heads) and then putting his thumb and finger together, saying, ‘I’m crushing your head!’ That was what I was doing to that Racist Fake Jesus Freak.

So gers, whenever you encounter people like the Racist Fake Jesus Freak, just remember this and The Kids In The Hall’s ‘I’m crushing your head!’

A perfect and humorous antidote to racism in public.

Stay tuned.

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By Zennie Abraham

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