Zennie Abraham’s List Of The Top 10 Power Vocalists Of The Hard Rock Era

Jimi Hendrix And Mic Jagger (alec Byrne Photo)
(Last Updated On: May 10, 2020)

Over at Facebook, my friend John Russo offered his list of the, well, I’ll let him tell it via his text:

Time for a good non-political argument, er, debate.

In no particular order, who are the top 10 “power” male vocalists of the hard rock era? The singer has to have range, volume, and be able to sing in perfect pitch (or close to it).

Note: not asking about the quality of the band or its material — although this will inevitably influence.

Here’s mine:

Freddie Mercury
Robert Plant
Brad Delp
Brian Johnson
Steven Tyler
Roger Daltry
Axl Rose
Paul Rodgers
Ian Gillan

Since I believe that putting native content on Facebook contributes to the deconstruction of democracy and the continued support of techno-authoritarian rule (think about that the next time the Facebook program mistakes one of your pop-gun missives for a subversive political attack on the system and build your own freaking blog), and I believe that people should own their own means of communications production or at least have partial ownership (see YouTube), I put this, my list, on Oakland News Now, or what I call Zennie62Media’s own “private idaho” (In deliberate reference to the B-52s song of the 80s, and one of my favorites.)

Here’s my, ’s “List Of The Top 10 Power Vocalists Of The Hard Rock Era”:

• Mick Jagger (John Russo was obviously out to lunch and missed the greatest of all time)
• Axl Rose
• James Hetfield
• Gene Simmons
• Robert Plant
• Vince Neil
• Jimi Hendrix (John had to be on some strong ones to miss Jimi!)
• Kurt Cobain (John Russo, you gotta be kidding leaving him off your list! Whassamatta you?)
• Bono
• Tina Turner – and here’s why, and I’m shocked Russo just wigged out and forgot about Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome (Ok, he would say he was referring to bands, but look, Tina had to perform in a band for that, and did, so enough, already!):

Take that John Russo!

Blogger’s rule! That’s my hard rock, babe!


By Zennie Abraham

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