Yungphil, Oakland And SF Bay Area Pro Dancer, Instagram Dances At Embarcadero BART

Yungphil, an Oakland And San Francisco Bay Area Pro Dancer with over 15,000 followers on Instagram, literally took over Embarcadero BART before heading on a train to Oaktown, 11 hours ago.

Yungphil and an unnamed dancing partner, decided to play music and tear it up on the platform, much to the mix of indifference and surprise of on-lookers.

The truth is, dancers doing their thing like Yungphil at BART Stations and on BART trains is as common as the transit service itself. So much so that this vlogger wonders why BART doesn’t figure out a way to make dancers like Yungphil official, paid, entertainment? But that’s an idea to be presented in another news blog post.

The Yungphil Instagram video has been seen 2,162 times to date. Have a look…

And that’s not his only video. He’s on YouTube, too:

But, is Yungphil also the Yungphil in Atlanta on Soundcloud?


Stay tuned.

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