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Xooloo Messenger App In The US Ahead Of CES 2020

Launching in the US today, Xooloo Messenger’s makers claim it is already in the top most downloaded apps in the US and 2nd on Playstore in kids apps as well as on AppleStore. While it’s not clear that Xooloo will be at CES 2020, we will update with news on that, as it was before.

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Xooloo Messenger is a secure and instant messaging app for children under 13 that works with a smartphone or tablet. Xooloo Messenger allows kids to chat with friends and family in a way that is safer and more fun than traditional messaging. Parents do not have access to their children’s messages but are informed of the identity of their contacts.

Xooloo Messenger App A user experience designed entirely for children

All the key features of the service have been designed for kids. For example, they are able to personalize their Xavatar, the character who represents each child within the app. Another innovation is the ability to send playful custard pies or affectionate kisses, in order to encourage curiosity and creativity. Finally, chatbots are on hand to help new users learn about the service.

Xooloo Messenger App A safe digital space for children

Parents cannot access the content of messages exchanged, but they are informed of any new contacts that their children interact with. Whenever a child adds a new contact, an email informs the parent of their name. The objective is to build trust while putting parents at ease.

Xooloo Messenger App Respect for personal data

Xooloo collects a minimum amount of children’s data and will never sell it on: in fact the app is free of advertising and does not monetize the children’s personal data. The service complies with COPPA (the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act) and the very strict European GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation).

How it works

The Xooloo Messenger app must be installed by the children themselves. Before starting a conversation, the account must be approved by their parents. The children can then invite their friends and people over 13, who are also able to access the service after verification of their phone number. Parents, grandparents, uncles, aunts and cousins ​​are welcome to continue communicating with children who are in their family.

Several options are available for children to add a friend: they can use an email address, a cell phone number or an individual code created by Xooloo for each user. This means that children can only be in contact with people they know. Children who do not have a SIM card can also use the app.


The Xooloo messaging app is available on iOS and Android. Xooloo is free and does not carry advertising.


Xooloo is a French startup founded by Grégory Veret and his sister Aurore Veret. Xooloo’s teams invent new digital services to help children develop their independence and take control of their digital lives.

For more information visit xooloo-messenger.com

Xooloo is a trademark owned by Xooloo.

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