Wynnona Earp San Diego Comic Con 2018 SDCC Preview With Kevin Bachelder

Wynnona Earp? SDCC? 2018? San Diego Comic Con? Yes!

San Diego Comic Con 2018 is here as of Wednesday (press preview day) and so on Tuesday, it was a good idea to catch up with my friend Kevin Bachelder, who’s the reining expert on all things “Wynnona Earp” via a podcast called “Tales Of The Black Badge” that he does with Bonnie Ferrar.

I first met Kevin and Bonnie, when he and I shared a hotel room at the Marriott Mission Valley for San Diego Comic Con 2016. Here’s our talk in the lobby back then, before we headed to SDCC:

But I digress….

Wynnona Earp is both the name of the Syfy Channel show, and the boss lady character that has a, shall we say, interesting job.

As Kevin explains Wynnona Earp (created by Emily Andras) is a show about “a woman who is the decendant of Wyatt Earp. And it turns out that Wyatt Earp in his time killed some people and was put under a curse, so that all the folks he killed came back as revenants, and she has to try and put them back down again. So it’s a fun show with a bit of an ensemble cast. Bit of a crazy premise, but it’s a fun show with a lot of heart.”

For Wynnona Earp Season Three at San Diego Comic Con 2018, Kevin says that the show producers have cast signings planned, as well as a special screening of the first episode from “Wynnona Earp” Season Three, set for Friday night, July 20th in Horton Plaza. Then on Saturday, July 21th, the cast panel will be at Room 6DE from 6:45PM-7:45PM.

The Wynnona Earp cast panel will reportedly consist of its visionary Showrunner Emily Andras and Wynnona Earp herself Melanie Scrofano as well as Tim Rozon, Dominique Provost-Chalkley, Katherine Barrell Shamier Anderson,Tamara Duarte and Varun Saranga, as well as writer Beau Smith, who created the Wynnona Earp comic books.

IDW Publishing helped create the Wynnona Earp Show and is to be commended for bringing in fans like Kevin and Bonnie to be so close to the cast and creators that they’re family. Out of that pairing comes a dedicated group of media types who are committed to communicating the lastest news and buzz about Wynnona Earp.

Stay tuned.

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