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The gang has posted its Women’s World Cup odds and the United States is the favorite to win! Here they are:

With the Women’s World Cup beginning Friday, bettors across the globe can wager on just about anything surrounding the premier soccer tournament. ( has updated its odds to win the 2019 World Cup. It has also posted a number of fun prop bets for the tourney.

Bettors can wager on whether or not there will be a pitch invader like we saw during the Champions League Final, if a player will take off her shirt, how many red cards will be issued, how many goals will be scored, President Trump, Alex Morgan, Marta and much more.

World Cup Odds

United States 3/1
France 7/2
Germany 11/2
England 7/1
Japan 14/1
Netherlands 16/1
Australia 16/1
Brazil 16/1
Spain 25/1
Sweden 25/1
Canada 25/1
Norway 33/1
New Zealand 50/1
China 50/1
Italy 50/1
South Korea 66/1
Scotland 100/1
Chile 100/1
Argentina 125/1
Nigeria 250/1
South Africa 500/1
Cameroon 500/1
Thailand 1000/1
Jamaica 1000/1

Group Odds

Group A
France 1/5
Norway 7/2
South Korea 8/1
Nigeria 33/1

Group B
Germany 1/5
Spain 9/2
China 12/1
South Africa 50/1

Group C
Australia 5/6
Brazil 5/4
Italy 6/1
Jamaica 50/1

Group D
England 5/9
Japan 3/2
Scotland 16/1
Argentina 50/1

Group E
Netherlands 5/6
Canada 6/5
New Zealand 8/1
Cameroon 33/1

Group F
United States 1/5
Sweden 13/4
Chile 25/1
Thailand 66/1

This page will update with current odds throughout the tournament:

Prop Bets

Will there be a first-time winner?
Yes 10/13
No 1/1

Winning Continent
Europe 2/3
Rest of the World 6/5

Which group will the winner come from?
A (France, Norway, South Korea, Nigeria) 11/4
B (Germany, Spain, China, South Africa) 15/4
C (Australia, Brazil, Italy, Jamaica) 7/1
D (England, Japan, Scotland, Argentina) 7/2
E (Netherlands, Canada, New Zealand, Cameroon) 7/1
F (United States, Sweden, Chile, Thailand) 11/4

How many goals will be scored?
Over 145.5
Under 145.5

Which team will score the most goals?
United States 3/1
France 7/2
Germany 9/2
Canada 15/2
England 15/2
Brazil 10/1
Spain 10/1
Japan 10/1
Australia 12/1
Netherlands 12/1
Field (Any other team) 16/1

Will a team fail to score a goal?
Yes 1/1
No 1/1

How many matches will go to extra time?
Over 2.5
Under 2.5

How many matches will go to penalty kicks?
Over 1.5
Under 1.5

How many red cards will be issued?
Over 3.5
Under 3.5

Will Alex Morgan win Player of the Tournament?
Yes 11/2
No 1/9

Will Alex Morgan win the Golden Boot?
Yes 7/2
No 1/5

Will Marta retire following World Cup? (must publicly announce retirement by 12/31/19)
Yes 4/1
No 1/6

Will Zach Ertz attend a World Cup match?
Yes 1/40
No 14/1

Will President Trump attend a World Cup match?
Yes 20/1
No 1/100

Will there be a pitch invader?
Yes 3/2
No 5/9

Will a player take off her shirt on the pitch?
Yes 7/2
No 1/5

This page will update with current props:


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