Will NFL Teams Use Patriots Super Bowl 53 4-3 Defense To Stop LA Rams Offense?

(Last Updated On: January 27, 2020)

Will NFL Teams Use Patriots Super Bowl 53 4-3 Defense To Stop LA Rams Offense?

ONN – Will NFL Teams Use Patriots Super Bowl 53 4-3 Defense To Stop LA Rams Offense?

In Super Bowl 53 or “LIII”, the Los Angeles Rams faced a new New England Patriots Defense specifically designed to stop their unique offensive attack.

The Patriots Super Bowl defensive scheme installed by defensive coordinator and now new Miami Dolphins Head Coach Brian Flores, called for the use of a defensive style from the 70s: outside linebackers on the line of scrimmage.

The idea of this scheme was to force immediate pressure to stop the run, and defend the “jet sweeps” with the wide receivers that they were known for.

The result was what’s widely regarded as the best defensive performance in Super Bowl History. The New England Patriots gave up just 3 points and caused the Rams to tie the record for scoring fewest total points in a , 3.

Not A Basic Man-For-Man Coverage Approach

The defense wasn’t a basic man-for-man coverage approach, either. It was a kind of sliding zone. This way, the New England Patriots Defensive would not be “pulled out of coverage” by its use of motion. Generally, having a wide receiver move from one side of the offensive formation to the other, is to clear out a defender – because it it’s man-for-man, a defender runs with the motion wide receiver.

The New England Patriots killed all that by asking the defenders to play coverage zones but tight-man-for-man within the zone. So, a motion wide receiver or back get passed off to the defender on the other side of the defense.

Overall, the New England Patriots Defense isn’t confused by the LA Rams Offense: everything is in front of them.

The question is, will other teams copy that defense for NFL 2019 against the LA Rams? Personally, I would use that approach against read-option teams too.

More on that, later.

Stay tuned.

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