Will LeBron James LA Lakers Start Fights With Warriors, As With Rockets?

LeBron James got what he personally wanted, and that was to be an LA Lakers star. The advertised idea was that he’d rather beat than join the Golden State Warriors. As I predicted in this vlog before the 2018-2019 NBA Season started, it’s not going well:

As of this writing, the Los Angeles Lakers are zero wins and two losses: one on the road to the Portland Trail Blazers and the other at home, last night, to the Houston Rockets.

In the case of the Houston Rockets, the 124 to 115 loss was particularly ugly, as it was marked by Rajon Rondo allegedly spitting in the face of Chris Paul. Indeed, several videos have Paul wiping his face before losing it and going after Rondo. Here’s some social media (Twitter) scenes of the Lakers attempt to go all “NBA thug life” with The Rockets:

This video shows Rondo standing before Paul, and turning his head, but when it comes to 12 o’clock to Paul, he had to have spit because Paul reacted as if he did after that.

My hypothesis is Rondo did that deliberately to piss off Paul and get him out of the game. Well, he did, but the outcome didn’t work in the Lakers favor. (The LA Lakers representatives say that Rajon Rondo didn’t spit at Chris Paul.)

The result was that Chris Paul, Rajon Rondo, and Brandon Ingram were all ejected from the game. The Rockets won, and the NBA’s going to levy more punishment.

And the Lakers are winless. Although you may say it’s too early in the season, my simple take is that LeBron made a mistake and should have gone to Golden State if he wanted a ring. LeBron’s simply not able to take over a game and win it with subpar talent, and that’s what the Lakers have right now.

LeBron says the two straight losses to Western Conference foes are “no big deal” but I disagree – they are a huge deal. Had LA won, Le Bron would be enjoying the spoils of victory and praising his coaches and teammates. It’s a big deal.

Meanwhile the Golden State Warriors are two wins and no losses. And no problems. Right now, that Christmas Day date with the Los-Angeles Lakers at Oracle Arena seems like a long way off, but it is October 21st, so I ask: will LA go all “Thug Life” on the Oakland / Golden State Warriors, too?

Well, we have some time before that happens, but one thing is going well for Los Angeles and LeBron, and that’s the Blaze Pizza dish inspired by King James:

Stay tuned.

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