Will Donald Trump’s Space Force Save America From The Apocalypse? Steve Lowe

Will Donald Trump’s Space Force save America from The Apocalypse?

Let’s suppose for a minute that at least one of this Not-My-President’s ideas might work out to help our wheezing planet survive the onslaught of depredation from his cabal of oligarchs – after all, even a stopped clock displays the correct time twice a day – well, maybe only once if you’re synched with European time, but that surely won’t happen for still awhile yet…

But the odds are that one of this egomaniacal nutcake’s ideas will actually end up helping us all more than the (intended?) harm that, at least in this case, it at first seems The Donald’s whacko ideas intend!

Looking at the New York Times Magazine last Sunday, it ought to be apparent that, from now on, media will be concentrating more on the coming manmade apocalypse that’s bearing down on our world with only the dim prospect of a weak-kneed treaty or two to mitigate some small contributing factor to this overwhelming catastrophe.

Such international efforts are always too-little, too-late, too-internecine collaborations where everyone secretly cheats on their commitments and next to nothing gets done about abating the base causes of environmental decline and fall.

In fact, the Sunday NYT article – the entire Magazine for August 5th! – leaves little hope that humankind might survive this approaching cataclysm, especially with so little thought now being given to preparing our cities and systems to withstand any storms, floods, fires, etc., – all the disaster that’s happening more and more every day all over the world, much less than here in California where the largest wildfire ever recorded is now still raging!

We’ve called in the National Guard for this one, and if we can’t get it under control, can calling in the military be far behind?

Already, wee’ve seen that the military has been used more frequently over the years when local systems prove inadequate, and looking fifty years down the road – if anyone is still around to enjoy the planet! – the role of our armed forces will almost certainly have evolved to deal primarily with disaster response, especially as the threat of invasion from other countries and/or terrorists becomes less and less of a threat wherever funding sources that would ordinarily feed those kinds of nefarious activities are all being diverted to counter the proliferation of wildfires, earthquakes, pandemics, floods, volcanic eruptions, etc., that our ever-warming planet is about to endure.

And though various carbon-sequester technologies are coming online more frequently, we have no way of knowing whether they’ll be deployed fast enough to counter the problem of accumulated carbon buildup over the last century to reverse, temper of even slightly moderate the warming trend…

Whereas we can measure the effect on Earth’s temperature of orbiting mega-parasols to help shield us from the Sun’s unrelenting rays, if those drone-operated units can sent aloft en mass via some sort of emergency Manhattan Project-like deployment!

This is a project that NASA should have been involved with years, even decades ago – but that hallowed agency hasn’t been able to do so, mostly for political reasons, including disagreement within the scientific community as to whose project ought to be given a higher priority, much in keeping with the Titanic Deckchair theory.

The Manhattan Project couldn’t have happened without the military in command, and despite all the blunders – and horrors! – that came about because of the creation of such a monster as the Atomic Bomb, everyone pretty much knows what would have happened had Hitler succeeded with his efforts to create the dirty bomb he dreamt of exploding over London – and didn’t only because the American military, dedicated, focused and on time, was first at Los Alamos!

With that same kind of dedication, our military can probably do what NASA cannot in today’s world cannot do, for whatever non-logical reasons, and if building a program at a brand-new military command is going to get us to the point where we can begin to regulate the temperature of the planet, we simply have to get to it with more than just godspeed.

Surely, in a thousand years, regulating the Earth’s temperature, and storms and cyclones, etc., will be as normal a government service as today’s weather satellites are, so what’s to keep us from taking that first step right now, especially when the need for us to get started is imperative – and if Trump can get us there, knowingly or not, so be it!

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