Why The Vrypac Backpacks Are The Best Scooter Accessory For Oakland

Vrypac backpacks have been around for over a year. Already popular in the Parkour community and with travelers, here is why I predict the Vrypac will be a popular accessory with the burgeoning electric scooter trend.

1. You’ll maintain balance and agility
A smooth scooter ride is all about shifting balance effortlessly. A backpack that barely alters your profile or center of gravity is the solution when you have more items than fit in pockets. Or if you carry a purse. You have the option of snuggly snapping on front straps to keep the bag tight on your body.

2. It holds what you need
Whether you are riding to and from a job or a party, Vrypacs make you economize just to what you need. Keys, purse, glasses, and a phablet. In expanded mode, the Dish Trail version can hold a wine bottle (albeit with the neck out).

3. You forget you have it on
As a backpack right-sized for each person’s body, you basically forget you have it on. Almost a hybrid of a backpack and a vest. Avoiding the distraction of a swinging purse or sling is a significant benefit when riding among the moving parts of a city street.

I was first commissioned to tell you about the Vrypac over at Zennie62.com last year, before the electric scooter craze started. Its simplicity may make it applicable to the next year’s trend in mobility.

You can buy it at the Amazon store, here.

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