What CNN’s Jim Acosta Did That Got His White House Press Credential Pulled

(Last Updated On: December 29, 2018)

ONN – What CNN’s Jim Acosta Did That Got His White House Press Credential Pulled

Jim Acosta of CNN is, as of right now, not a White House reporter. This is because Sarah Huckabee Sanders took away his press credentials today, and after he tried to ask a question regarding the immigration caravan issue.

But in the process of asking the question of President Trump, Mr. Acosta did something that serves as a textbook mistake in politics: he raised his hand toward an aide to block that person from getting the microphone at a press conference.

Folks, I’ve been in that sensitive position that Jim was in: front row at a press conference produced by a major institution, and asking a sensitive question. In my case, it has been the National Football League.

There’s one rule I always conduct my actions by: never make asking a sensitive question personal. What Jim did was that he became so focused on defying President Trump, he became defensive himself. So, when the aide approached him to get the microphone, rather than just letting her have it, he put his hand up to block her arm as she reached for it.

That was what got him in trouble.

If Jim had kept his hands to himself, the simple act of her ripping the mic from him would have been great television, and helped him gain more supporters for his actions in trying to get to the truth. But that little act gave the Trump Administration something to use against him, and it did.

Hopefully, Jim gets his credentials back. But the lesson is this: always keep your hands to yourself in that situation.

Stay tuned.

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