Were Kansas City Chiefs Fans Booing Racial Unity Members Of Ticket Buying Right Wing Protest Effort?

Were Kansas City Chiefs Fans Booing Racial Unity Members Of Ticket Buying Right Wing Protest Effort?

Were Kansas City Chiefs Fans Booing Racial Unity Members Of Ticket Buying Right Wing Protest Effort?
From YouTube Channel: September 11, 2020 at 03:00AM
ONN – Were Kansas City Chiefs Fans Booing Racial Unity Members Of Ticket Buying Right Wing Protest Effort?

After watching NFL players representing both the Kansas City Chiefs and the Houston Texans lock arms in what should have been a celebratory event, be marred by what many assumed to be Kansas City Chiefs fans booing, I resisted the impulse to make a reaction vlog, and considered the moment. During that period of time (which lasted the length of the game), I wondered if it really was Kansas City Chiefs out there booing the Chiefs and the Texans. Then, I wondered how one could determine if they really were fans?

The reason I thought this was because here we had another moment that, many times this year, had to do with Black Lives Matter, a large crowd or gathering, and television. In each of these cases, something happened that seemed to communicate the idea that America was divided, law enforcement was needed, and Black Lives Matter was an extremist movement, undesirable to Americans.

The linchpin example was the week when President Trump ordered federal troops into cities he said were ran by Democrats, and in his speech in the Rose Garden of The White House on Monday, July 20th, Trump said he was going to send troops to Oakland. In fact, as I pointed out, Trump tossed out Oakland after a delay in his delivery – as if to say “Oh, I forgot to mention Oakland”.

That was the 20th of July. But July 26th, Trump, via his fake federal troop call. (“Fake” in that there was no real trouble with protestors, and I asserted the people who attacked Oakland Mayor Libby Schaaf’s house were, themselves, fake protest actors who’s services were purchased for a public relations stunt – all to give the impression Oakland was, as Trump said, “lawless.” It’s called “astroturfing”: the practice of manufacturing the appearance of grass-roots support.)

As the Google Trends image shows, President Trump has succeeded in de-coupling protest activities from Black Lives Matter. During that week, the “law and order” campaign message emerged as Trump’s counter to Black Lives Matter.

Trump's Federal Troup Fake News Decouples White Protestors From Black Lives Matter
Trump’s Federal Troup Fake News Decouples White Protestors From Black Lives Matter

Now, why did I come to that conclusion? One name: Brad Parscale.

Brad Parscale
Brad Parscale (Photo courtesy Wall Street Journal)

Brad Parscale was the Trump 2020 campaign manager, and one who was hired, according to News One, he…

..began working for the Trump organization seven years ago as a website designer and media strategist. He was hired to head social media for Trump’s 2016 presidential campaign. That’s when he utilized dark posts on Facebook to diminish Black voter turnout for Hillary Clinton. “He has our family’s complete trust and is the perfect person to be at the helm of the campaign,” Eric Trump, the president’s son, said in a statement, according to CNN. He added that Parscale was “pivotal to our success in 2016.”

Dark posts don’t appear in the sender’s Facebook news feed. Only the targeted Facebook users can see the message. Consequently, the posts can be tailored to specific recipients without getting blasting to everyone. It can easily silo scores of people with one click and without any accountability.

In one message during the 2016 campaign, Parscale disseminated dark posts to certain Black voters to remind them about Clinton’s “super predator” comment in 1996, in which she used the phrase to describe young Black males who were gang banging and selling crack cocaine. Twenty years later, Clinton apologized for the term and her role in ushering in the wave of mass incarceration of Black people in the 1990s.

Back in 2016, it was unclear if dark posts for political messaging would work. However, Parscale was certain that his tactic would “dramatically affect” turnout for Clinton. He’s probably already hard at work devising a scheme to diminish the Black vote in 2020.

Then, in the San Antonio Express-News on July 17th, Gilbert Garcia wrote:

Trump rewarded Parscale by picking him to serve as his 2020 campaign manager.

Over the past four months, however, the Trump-Parscale bond has been battered by Category 5 political headwinds: a COVID-19 pandemic which has taken the lives of 138,000 Americans; a resulting economic shutdown; and nationwide Black Lives Matter protests in response to the killing of George Floyd by a Minneapolis police officer. (My emphasis.)

Trump has failed to get a handle on any of these crises and now finds himself trailing presumptive Democratic nominee Joe Biden by double digits in almost every major national poll.

So, it was quite apparent that Black Lives Matter was a problem for the Trump campaign. But rather than outright terminate Parscale, Trump demoted him, and hired Matt Oczkowski, an alum from Cambridge Analytica, to direct him.


Matt Oczkowski'
Matt Oczkowski’

Given Matt Oczkowski’s noted and documented love for tracking electorate response to just what Trump tweets, once saying this:

We knew going into it that we had to build a really dynamic data program that could keep up with the candidate — because depending on the week, Trump could tweet one thing and it would change the entire view of the electorate on that week.

So our data program had to be very elastic — which means any time a stone was thrown into the water, we had to be able to track the ripples and see [where] different parts of the electorate were actually moving in a particular direction.

I believe the Trump Campaign has advanced their approach and used part of their $1 billion campaign budget to purchase protestors via firms like Crowds On Demand, and as part of an effort that Trump was encouraged to push along from the power of the presidential bully pulpit.

Have doubts?

Consider that, in forming the campaign attack, Brad said “In 2016, we had 700,000 volunteers help us. In 2020, we’re gonna have 1.6 million volunteers. I had 3,000 team leaders across the United States. This time we’ll have 90,000 team leaders.” Now, you can’t do door-to-door political campaigning during The Pandemic, so I believe the Trump campaign shifted its focus to more staged events for television and for social media.

And it’s for all of those reason that I believed something was up for Thursday Night Football.

Kansas City Star Reported That Tickets Were Available For The Texans at Chiefs NFL Kickoff Opener

Then, I decided to check and see if, indeed, tickets were available for the Texans at Chiefs NFL Kickoff Opener. A Google search revealed this article in the Kansas City Star, which had this title: “Want to go to tonight’s Chiefs season opener at Arrowhead? Tickets remain for the game”, and the author Jeff Rosen, wrote:

The Chiefs kick off their season in less than two hours. And if you want to go to the game, even with the limited seating the Chiefs had announced due to the pandemic, you’re in luck.

StubHub shows many tickets available, starting as low as $120 but mostly in the $150 range. Capacity for the game was being capped at about 16,000 inside Arrowhead Stadium, which usually holds about 76,000 for a full house.

So, as far as I was concerned, the stage was set for yet another fake protest on national TV, and one to counter the NFL Player “Black Lives Matter” events planned for NFL Kickoff and for the rest of the year.

From my perspective, the NFL and its players should either not have fans in the stands at all, or buy tickets for their own politically-supportive supporters in cities where fans will be allowed in. As I think about it, stopping fans from seeing the game altogether would give Trump a public relations win; buying fans sympathetic to the NFL Players would be just fighting fire with fire.

Stay tuned.

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