Warriors Sweep Cavs To Win 2018 NBA Finals 3rd Time In 4 Years – Dynasty

The Golden State Warriors are now an NBA Dynasty. They came into this 2018 NBA Season as the underdogs but at the same time the 2017 NBA Champions. The noise was all about the reconstructed Houston Rockets, as if they were a kind of battleship rather than a collection of men. “The new Rockets were designed to beat Golden State,” how many times have we heard that this season? Perhaps too much.

The Warriors were not the NBA’s best team during the regular season, the Houston Rockets were at 65 wins, then followed by the Toronto Raptors with 59 wins. One more win than the Warriors, and the Raptors turned around and fired their coach Dwane Casey. That, right there, shows you just how crazy this season was.

For a time, it looked like the Warriors, the Defending Champs, were going to be last year’s stars. After a string of late season losses, the Oakland Warriors went into the playoffs with the constant expectation that some team would beat them, but that team wasn’t the San Antonio Spurs. Many thought and were just waiting for the Rockets – Warriors matchup. Chris Paul and James Harden were supposed to be the tonic for the Splash Brothers of Step Curry and Klay Thomson, and the Rockets had enough big, fast “trees” to handle Kevin Durant.

The pair battled to an epic Game 6 – not Game 7. Why Game 6? Because Paul got injured, the Warriors won, and he did not return for Game 7, that’s why.

After the Rockets game, the Warriors – Cavs matchup was really more of a Warriors – LeBron James matchup. We tend to think of King James as Superman, but the reality is, he’s just an awesome basketball player. He needed help, but the rest of the Cavs weren’t up to it.

WARRIORS WIN! The modern NBA Dynasty has been born.

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