Want Your Story Our There? Let Zennie62Media Help

Zennie62Media is excited to announce its new news commentary, online marketing, press release, content creation, blog development, reputation management, and distribution service for the 21st Century - all at Zennie62Media.net.

Media is in competition with organizations like PRWeb and Hearst Media Services, which uses the San Francisco Chronicle, SFGate.com, the Houston Chronicle, and it's other publications as the backbone of its reputation management approach.

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Is YouTube Certified In Channel Growth

The main problem is that media outlets tell the story about you the way they want, not the way you want. To make matters worse for you, many of those same media organizations will deliberately reject posting or telling (via video) your story - but they will tell someone else's story about you. That dynamic created the media market for what Media does.

If your story's not getting out there, bring it to Media, we'll tell it for you. What we do is a combination of online marketing, content creation (designated sponsored posts) blog and website development, and reputation management. We use and develop media technologies and tools in the service of telling your story.

(UPDATE: Zennie Abraham of Zennie62Media is now YouTube Certified! One of only 13,000 people or businesses in the world with that distinction!)

Media Has A Giant Network That Took Years To Build

Media has developed 98 blogs, including four WordPress blogs, and 94 Blogger blogs, and featuring various types of themes and functions. Oakland News Now is but our latest creation. Please contact Media's below to discuss your needs for a new blog, or to upgrade your existing blog.

Media also runs the legendary Zennie62 on YouTube Partner Channel. It's the first YouTube Partner Channel established in Oakland, California. on YouTube has one of the largest inventories of news vlogs in the YouTube system, over 14,000 as of now. It has gained over 76 million views to date.

While Media consists of a giant network, we do not engage in backlink service work, and posts that are sponsored are designated as part of a series about you. Media follows Federal Trade Commission sponsorship guidelines.

Media takes on clients on a case-by-case basis and we work within your budget. With respect to content development for products, our approach seamlessly complies with disclosure laws.

Let Media help. Email at [email protected]

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