Vivian Kahn Says She And Bob Apodaca Are Against Oakland A’s Howard Terminal Ballpark Plan

(Last Updated On: December 29, 2018)

While other media types suspected that only men were behind the opposition to the A’s Howard Terminal Ballpark, I knew better: it was Vivian Kahn. This is what I wrote at News Now on August 4th 2018 (My birthday!)

The A’s are still deep in the “exclusive negotiating agreement” period, where two sites for a new baseball stadium, the Coliseum and Howard Terminal near Jack London Square, are under scrutiny.

To speed up the environmental approval process, A’s President Dave Kaval teamed up with Mayor Libby Schaaf and California Assemblyman Rob Bonta to advocate for passage of special legislation. Called AB 734 (Bonta) , the proposed law simply seeks the same California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) exemptions for construction of new stadiums that other projects in California have received.

Recently, a flyer was released by a group called “Protect ’s Shoreline Economy.” While the flyer doesn’t point to any one person, speculation by those not familiar with the history of the A’s New Stadium at Howard Terminal idea, has pointed to names that have not been involved directly in the project – and all men, as if women don’t count. They have obviously never heard of the great Vivian kahn, and yet it was the urban planner and member of the Board of Directors of The Jack London Improvement District, Ms. Kahn, who gave Mike Ghielmetti and Doug Boxer a hard way to go when they were leading the charge for a ballpark at Howard Terminal. Take my interview with the group back in 2014:

This is how Vivian, who’s a friend of this blogger, is described on the Jack London Improvement District Board Of Directors file:

Vivian Kahn – Business Owner and Property Owner

So now after almost a week, I got an email from my friend Vivian Kahn, and after someone representing the Jack London Improvement District expressed the group’s preference for the Coliseum on the same blog post at News Now (I figured it was Vivian), Mr. Kahn admitted that I was correct. She wrote this on her Facebook profile:

“My old friend Zennie has blown my cover. Although our property values would increase if the Howard Terminal site is where the A’s land, I oppose this location and Bonta’s as bad planning. Bonta’s legislation may be appropriate with respect to the Coliseum site, which would be true infill development, but that is not the case for Howard Terminal. Although the Howard Terminal site is currently developed for port use, some of which occurred prior to the passage of CEQA, development of a ballpark would be a significant change of land use with both economic as well as environmental implications for the western part of the Jack London district, which is now a great mix of light industrial, maker spaces, and retail. Moreover, although the Coliseum site already has a specific plan that was subject to environmental review, no such plan yet exists for the Howard Terminal. In fact, the proposed development of a ball park is not even consistent with the Estuary Plan, which functions as the City’s current planning policies applicable to the site. This is one of the reasons why I eagerly supported development of a Specific Plan for Downtown , which includes the Jack London district south of Interstate 880. Unfortunately, regretfully due to poor decisions by the Planning Department, that effort has not yet generated a plan.”

However, Ms. Kahn does not know Bob Apodaca, the person said to have been behind the group “Protect ’s Shoreline Economy” but she says that Schnitzer Steel is also opposed to the plan.

So, that rounds out the people who have lined up against Howard Terminal for the A’s. Pretty much the same as the folks that were against Howard Terminal for the Major League Baseball team, before.


Stay tuned.


By Zennie Abraham

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