Visiting Proposition Chicken Oakland At 3260 Lakeshore Ave

Visiting Proposition Chicken Oakland At 3260 Lakeshore Ave

ONN – Proposition Chicken is a stylized eatery at 3260 Lakeshore Avenue in Oakland. The San Francisco-born two-store chain has gained rave reviews for its food and atmosphere. So, with all of the hoola I had to try it.

It was OK.

The issue for me is cost: about $15 for small chicken wings, cole slaw, and bread. I can buy a full dinner of chicken, black eyed peas, and greens for just about $7 at Rosa’s Restaurant in Fayetteville, Georgia. So, $21 gets me three dinners and then every fifth dinner I score 20 percent off! Wow.

There has to be someplace in Oakland than can compare to Rosa’s in price. Places like Proposition Chicken are pricing their food to pay the rent; is this true for all of Oakland? Let’s dig and find out.

Stay tuned.

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