Uptown Crepe And Cafe Oakland Bad Social Media Practice In Breakfast Tweet

Ok. Uptown Crepe And Cafe is apparently a new kid on the block in the growing Uptown Oakland (California) food scene. It’s trying to stick out, this Uptown Crepe And Cafe, from the pack of Downtown Oakland restaurants nearby that have all types of breakfast offerings. Ok. Fine. Cool.

So, Uptown Crepe And Cafe does the social media logical thing and starts a Twitter account (hopefully, the eatery has a presence on all platforms and its own blog, too) called @UptownCafeCrepe – and we both follow each other on Twitter. Not had a meal there, yet, but happy to blog about the place, anyway.

But what got this Oakland video-blogger’s attention on this Friday, and I have to admit, annoyed me to the point of rushing to the keyboard (started to vlog it) was this Twitter tweet…

What’s wrong with the tweet? Well, OK. Tell me this: what’s the location of Uptown Crepe And Cafe? Right: the address isn’t on the tweet. And it’s not as if there’s not enough room to type it there, ok?

So, I figured maybe the Uptown Crepe And Cafe address is on the Twitter profile? So, I checked and this is the text from the profile as of now:

@UptownCafeCrepe Follows you

Uptown Café & Crepes serves healthy & savory food to professionals & residents in Oakland’s Uptown. Friendly, convenient, with WiFi. Follow us = daily specials.
Oakland, CA
Joined April 2011

So, guess what? No address there, either. It’s not a hard task to put “Address: 410 21st St, Oakland, CA 94612” on the tweet or in the profile.

Now, the breakfast looks good, but if I can’t find the place, I can’t buy it, right?

Here’s to hoping Uptown Café & Crepes ups its social media game by simply remembering to use it to communicate what you want people to do, and then make it easy for them to do it. In this case, have a great breakfast in Downtown Oakland’s Uptown District.

Stay tuned.

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