UOSSM Reports Six Medical and Civil Facilities Attacked In Syrian War, Last Friday, Saturday

The Union of Medical Care and Relief Organizations or UOSSM reported the following losses in the ongoing Syrian War, and in a press release. This is what it reads:

Three hospitals, two Syrian Civil Defense Centers, and an ambulance system were attacked and put out of service in the past two days leaving thousands with no access to medical care. All three hospitals are underground facilities. Earlier today Al Latamneh Hospital, which is in northern Hama was attacked causing damage to the facility, no casualties were reported. In addition, the Has Hospital in southern Idlib was attacked and put out of service. One anesthesia technician and two hospital visitors were wounded. The Civil Defense Center (White Helmets) in Khan Sheikhoun was also attacked and put out of service. Two staff were wounded.

On September 7, the Idlib Ambulance System was attacked and put out of service. No casualties were reported.

On September 6 the Dr. Hassan Al Araj Hospital in northern Hama was attacked and put out of service. In addition, the Syrian Civil Defense facility in southern Idlib was attacked, causing major damage, and putting the facility out of service. No casualties were reported.
The latest rise in attacks has led to displacement movement in the area with thousands seeking safe refuge for their families.

Dr. Ghanem Tayara, Chair of UOSSM International, said, “It is distressing to see a rise in attacks on medical facilities, that will ultimately affect thousands. We, as a humanitarian organization, urge the international community to provide protection to civilians, medical workers, and medical facilities. There are over three million civilians in this crowded area of Syria who are in a life-threatening situation, many have been displaced up to four times. The consequences could be dire. STOP the attacks and displacement. HELP the millions of internally displaced with nowhere to go.“

This marks the first time UOSSM has sent an email to Zennie62Media. More reports from UOSSM will be posted as they come in. Visit the firm’s website: https://www.uossm.us

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