Democratic National Convention 2020

Democrats Share Stories from Front Lines of COVID-19 Pandemic Amidst Donald Trump’s Deadly Negligence

Gov. Andrew Cuomo, Gov. Gretchen Whitmer, healthcare workers discuss how Americans are nevertheless pulling together in convention segment titled “We the People Helping Each Other Through COVID-19”

Milwaukee – Tonight at the Democratic National Convention, American leaders and heroes on the frontlines of this crisis illustrated how the lack of a national, coordinated response to the coronavirus pandemic has cost our nation nearly 170,000 lives and infected millions—all because Donald Trump refuses to put the country’s health ahead of his own ego. The three-part series in tonight’s program dedicated to the monumental challenges our country is facing continued with “We the People Helping Each Other Through COVID-19,” and spent time with the everyday heroes and local leaders who, despite the president’s deadly negligence, are doing everything in their power to set their communities on the path to recovery.

The coronavirus pandemic has seismically altered life as we know it—and at a far-too-catastrophic rate, has robbed American families of their safety and loved ones. Joe Biden is no stranger to loss and hardship. It is his compassion, courage, and experience that will lead us out of this crisis, and help our nation build back better.

In “We the People Helping Each Other Through COVID-19”:

  • New York Governor Andrew Cuomo told us firsthand how Donald Trump’s failure to act left America vulnerable and divided during a global pandemic—yet how states and cities across the nation managed to rise to the occasion, put differences aside, and find commonality. “For all the pain and all the tears, our way worked. And it was beautiful. We showed that our better angels are strong and that Americans would rise to their call. We saw that even at the end of the day, even if it is a long day, that love wins.” 
  • Kristin Urquiza from Phoenix, Arizona shared her painful story of how a lack of leadership at the top cost her father’s life. “One of the last things that my father said to me was that he felt betrayed by the likes of Donald Trump. And so, when I cast my vote for Joe Biden, I will do it for my dad.” 
  • Megan Rapinoe, star of the U.S. Women’s soccer team, led a conversation with a doctor, paramedic, and nurses on the front lines of the pandemic about how their colleagues are risking their lives every day in harrowing conditions, making unimaginable sacrifices, and lacking the most basic equipment to do their jobs: saving the American people. 
  • Live from UAW Local 652 in Lansing, Michigan, Governor Gretchen Whitmer shared what she’s learned is essential—rising to the challenge, not denying it—and who she’s learned is essential—the nurses and doctors, mail carriers and grocery clerks, and parents and teachers and factory workers who are putting their own health at risk for us, not President Trump, who would rather fight his fellow Americans than fight the virus that’s killing them. “Action begets action. Progress begets progress. And when we work together—we can accomplish anything. After all, democracy is a team sport.”

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