Twitter Reacts To Dr. Christine Blasey Ford Testimony At Brett Kavanaugh Hearings

The emotional and searing testimony of Dr. Christine Blasey Ford in telling the story of how she was sexually assauted (allegedly) by Supreme Court Nominee has all but taken over social media, and in particular, Twitter.

Next to Facebook, Twitter’s the most-widely used “second screen” platform with respect to television-watching, and that’s quite evident today.

What was Oakland tweeting about the tesitimony of Dr. Christine Blasey Ford? Well, so far among polticos, only Oakland Mayor Libby Schaaf has posted a tweet during the hearing…

Senator Orin Hatch Poor Choice Of Words, Rachel Mitchell Blasted On Twitter

Away from Oakland, Senator Orin Hatch is taking heat for saying that Dr. Ford was “attractive” in the middle of a hearing on sexual assault…

Meanwhile, Rachel Mitchell, the sex-crimes litigator and Republican prosecutor, is getting downgraded by the Twitterverse…

Let’s clear to this blogger that what Dr. Christine Blasey Ford experienced at 15 was horrible. I, for one, remember all the way back to being born. And I can say I recall 75 percent of the happenings of my life, all the way down to dates and times.

For example, I remember the day and time my Mother and I moved from Chicago to the San Francisco Bay Area: April 8th, 1974, at 3:10 PM PST. I was 12 years old. I didn’t want to leave Chicago at the time (it turned out to be good for me in a number of ways), and so I vowed I would never forget that date and time.

I remember an argument with Steven Santos at Oakland’s Bret Harte Junior High School (now middle school), and over a dropped nickle, only to watch a disagreement that was disspating be tranformed into a mob chase. A giant group of Bret Harte students, African American kids of 15 years old, actually beat up Mr. Santos because he was white and I am black and he and I would not fight each other! So they hit him, two boys, he and the group chased me, and I was let into the closed building by my teacher, Mrs. Barber.

Later, Steven walked around telling people he beat me up. That was until I and classmate Clarence Manley planned a kind of “skit” that scared the heck out of him. He stopped taking advantage of an awful situation that never should have occurred, and we became friends.

That episode had a profound effect on how I view society, even today.

I could go on and on, and on, but the point is, there are some episodes in life that one never forgets.

I believe Dr. Ford.

If Brett Kavanaugh has any real gentlemanly fiber, he would ask himself “What would be my reaction of I were married to Dr. Ford?” He should think about his girls. I’m not saying he did it outright because we need an FBI investigation to determine that (and I am mindful of the power of words and the courts in what I write), but I am saying he’s the focus of her intense emotional reaction, and should not allow himself to be in that kind of light, in my opinion. That would taint the Supreme Court for decades, if he were confirmed.

Stay tuned.

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