Twitter Message Reports Its System Dumping “Non-Public Information” In Firefox Cache

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(Last Updated On: April 3, 2020)

In 2020, has changed its code in such a way that it’s producing unusual behavior. In this case, six times this week, I had to “prove” I was the owner of my account. Each time, the system sent a text.

This time, it called me rather than sending a text. But the message that was left was an incomplete rendering of the code I was to type in. Then it would hang up. So, I had to ask again, and again. And of course, I reached whatever “try” limit was there, and has to wait.

Then, I went to change my password as a back-door solution to this craziness, and got a message from that if I used Firefox browser than it was dumping what was called “Non-Public Information” in the Firefox cache. I was invited to submit a report. It is password protected, which means they are serious about keeping these resolutions private.

According to ZDNet, reports “ said that once users left their platform or logged off, the files would remain in the browser cache, allowing anyone to retrieve it. The company is now warning users who share workstations or used a public computer that some of their private files may still be present in the Firefox cache.”

Whatever is going on at , it’s a key reason so many users have just dropped out of it in favor of Instagram or another media platform.

But what does bother me is this seems to be the basis for suspending accounts. The system is wrongly executing accounts.

Either that, or Twiter’s Jack Dorsey is targeting me.

Whatever the case, given that everyone’s online now, you would think Dorsey would use this opportunity to get more users, not chase them away. If Jack doesn’t watch it, the pandemic could give rise to a new competitor.

Stay tuned.


By Zennie Abraham

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