Trendy Entertainment’s Dungeon Defenders II First Major Game With Native Blockchain Rewards

Blockchain is now the rage and the buzzword. It started as a network of computers that’s used to check Bitcoin transactions, but now the approach has caught fire. It’s being used for gaming now. Take Trendy Entertainment’s Dungeon Defenders II , and this press release I received:

Loot™, the blockchain protocol and crypto-asset generated by player skill in video games, is being adopted by Trendy Entertainment, the video game developer behind the Dungeon Defenders franchise, to integrate its unique blockchain solution into the rewards system of Dungeon Defenders II. The Loot protocol is in development with a goal of release in Q1 2019. Trendy plans to be the first to integrate the solution once the protocol is released.

“Our partnership with Trendy Entertainment means that Dungeon Defenders II will be the first major game released to allow game publishers and developers to share wealth with players without sacrificing any existing revenue generation. Our patent pending technology is a world first that will transform the gaming industry and its fantastic to see the support that Trendy Entertainment is giving it,” said Tobias Batton, the founder of Signal Zero and creator of Loot.

Dungeon Defenders II is a third-person action-strategy game with classic role-playing elements like loot, leveling, pets and more. It advances the original Dungeon Defenders experience with new combat and progression features, supporting single-player and four-person online cooperative multiplayer modes.Since Dungeon Defenders I original release in 2011, the franchise has enjoyed almost 8,000,000 downloads to date.

“The innovative Loot™ protocol has the potential to become the new frontier in gaming monetization, both for players and for publishers. We’re delighted to be working with Loot and seeking ways to best integrate the blockchain protocol and crypto rewards, so that users can benefit from it in the most simple and effective way,” said Drew Curby, Chief Business Development Officer at Trendy Entertainment.

Loot records the performance of gamers on the blockchain and offers proof of skill – allowing them to generate tokens in return for skill and giving game developers a new way to monetize and build audiences.

While traditional mining algorithms have relied on hardware to do the work, Loot leverages a new patent-pending mathematical model that compares player performance to generate the new crypto-asset. The collaboration with Trendy means that Dungeon Defenders II will be the first major games release to integrate the world’s first mining algorithm based on player skill.

The Loot crypto reward system is being launched by the team behind Signal Zero, a gaming platform that has delivered $7million of rewards since 2014 to gamers for engagement through its two web apps, TokenWall and TapRivals.

Stay tuned.

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