To Speaker Nancy Pelosi: Democrats Must Fight President Trump For America’s Future

(Last Updated On: July 18, 2019)

This originally started as a set of spontaneously launched tweets based on my fear of where President Trump is taking America. But I believe in a multi-platformed messaging approach, so I assembled them into the blog, below. I am , of Zennie62Media, and from Oakland, California.

Donald Trump On The Weekly Standard
Donald Trump On The Weekly Standard

Excuse me Speaker Pelosi, but we can’t allow President Trump to continue as POTUS. He is trying to wreck America. Don’t ask us to ignore him. Why do you fear just plain punching him in the nose, politically? He thinks you’re afraid. He must be stopped before our nation is shattered!

Moreover, Madame Speaker Pelosi it’s important to under that President Trump didn’t get the memo that the POTUS is supposed to be a gentleman; he’s not. Consider that our laws were unconsciously designed for good men, gentlemen. Thus, our current culture is caught off-guard.

Michael Cohen was 100 percent right: you don’t know Mr. Trump. He is a New Yorker who figured out that the way to get to the top was basically to be a Mobster New York Business Man, and not someone else. That approach activates a Southern Strategy like nothing else.

My take comes as someone who admired what I thought Mr. Trump’s way of doing business was – I don’t mean the “Mobster” part, either. I tried out to be on The Apprentice. I have a copy of “The Art of The Deal”. But what that looks like in the more gentile culture of Washington Politics is purely the spectre of a bully.

President Trump sees this as a game, and he sees you as less than to him; until you prove otherwise. He will think and figure out a way to win, and then when you think you’ve got him, he’ll figure out a way to win, again. Democrats, us, as a group, don’t know how to deal with that. I do.

I tried to warn many in 2016. I emailed then-DNC Chairwoman Donna Brazile and called and emailed many of the top Democrats DURING the 2016 DNC Convention. I warned them about the coordinated online attack. All I got was to be consistently ignored. Now, here we are. And where we are is terrible.

Where we are is a place were a black security guard will let a white guy walk on stage and harass a sitting Democratic Senator Kamela Harris. I say that because I witnessed similar behavior at Moscone Center across the street from the event. Yep. I did.

A black security guard let a white press guy back stage where he should not have been. I went and got after the security guard and told him to go get that white press guy. Why do I make the race reference? Because that same security guard was focused on me not having access – and I had a press credential.

Point is, the black security guard had it hardwired in his brain that someone white deserved access. I would bet that happened where Kamela Harris was at the point is, we have to REWIRE democrats to stop that kind of racially-biased thinking. The result?

We got a scene were it made Democrats look like we could not protect our own. That a black security guard was so willing to give a white guy access, to maintain whatever weird racial pecking order was in his head, that a DEMOCRATIC SENATOR was threatened. We have to buck up.

We have to fight to protect our message. We have to fight to protect our own. We have to set a rule of strength devoid of race-bias, that seeks the proper order of engagement, and we have to set a rule of strength that removes Trump from office by any way legally manageable.

So, you fight back by giving speeches and rallying the Democratic Base. You go on a tour and remind everyone of what Democratic Values Are. You take the candidates with you, as one. You unite them. This has to come from you.

You have to form a task team that’s committed to engineering a regime change. You can’t fear to do this: this must be done. You can’t sit and wait for Mr. Trump to make his next move. Because he’s not afraid to make his next move. So, I’ve explain what you have to do.

The only question is, will you do it. History is watching. The very fabric of our reasoned, democratic, diverse culture, is waiting. And others, like New York Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, need your help, not your plotting against them. It’s time to be strong. It’s time to do more than talk. It’s time to work.


By Zennie Abraham

Zennie62Media, Inc. CEO Zenophon Abraham AKA Zennie62 YouTube Zennie62 YouTube Partner, Oakland California blogger / vlogger Hire @Zennie62Media, Inc to tell your story.


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