Tim Donaghy Fixed NBA Games: Oakland Raiders Las Vegas, NFL Gambling, Rams Suspect

Tim Donaghy Fixed NBA Games: Oakland Raiders Las Vegas, NFL Gambling, Rams Suspect

ONN – Tim Donaghy, now-former NBA Referee, fixed NBA Games!

ESPN just completed an investigation of the closed case of now-former NBA Referee Tim Donaghy. The NBA said he was not guilty of fixing games. But ESPN staffers were not buying that story, so they conducted research of their own. What they found has deep implications for the NFL’s future, and because of its own foray into gambling, and a much noted on my Zennie62 YouTube channel document called “Professional Team Sports in Las Vegas: What the Research Says.

That report focused on two questions: “Will the presence of legal sports wagering (and gambling more generally) in Nevada lead to integrity issues for a professional league should a team (re-)locate in Las Vegas? and “Will operating in Las Vegas lead to unique policing, disciplinary, and/or brand protection issues for a professional league like the NFL?” I read the report and the answers were no and no.

But the new findings by ESPN would point to a yes and a yes. Take these two paragraphs in the ESPN article:

“Proponents of legalization have long argued that regulation leads to transparency, which helps root out game-fixing schemes. But there is much evidence to suggest the opposite. As economist Wladimir Andreff of the University of Paris has written: “All economic analyses conclude that the more money there is inflowing to sport, the greater the sport corruption.”

And so it is that May’s Supreme Court decision demands a review of the Donaghy affair. If it were shown that Donaghy had indeed fixed the games he reffed, it would reveal an uncomfortable truth, one that almost everyone — leagues, teams, fans, gamblers — would prefer to ignore: just how easy and profitable it is to fix an American sport.””

The question of game fixing and ESPN’s findings put the NFL’s efforts, and in particular, the Oakland Raiders Las Vegas move, into new focus. Should the NFL review and reconsider the Raiders relocation? If the Super Bowl were held in Las Vegas, would betting on the game have to be prohibited (one publication says it would). Are the Raiders games more ripe for fixing because of the Las Vegas involvement and the already-clear interest in it held by casino organizations? Is Dallas Cowboys Owner Jerry Jones, a proponent of gambling, concerned about this new ESPN report? And what of the Rams win against the Saints and the controversial no-call on the Rams defender just as the Saints were moving into scoring position, for what would have put them ahead of Los Angeles in the NFC Championship Game? It was said that four of the NFL referees were from Southern California.

What gives now? That’s what this Zennie62 Livestream is about.

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