There Is An Epidemic Of Black On Black Meanness That Must Stop

There Is An Epidemic Of Black On Black Meanness That Must Stop

ONN – There Is An Epidemic Of Black On Black Meanness That Must Stop

Why the black on black meanness?

On Friday, I was shopping with my Mom at the local Fayetteville, Georgia Kroger’s store. As she was looking at the frozen catfish offerings for purchase, I stood next to her and over the shopping cart to watch her purse. The simple reason is, you hear and see on video and television examples of people grabbing the purses of the elderly when they’re not looking. I’m here in Georgia to help and to protect my Mom.

Anyway, without word, and all of a sudden, a woman comes up and stands very close next to myself and my Mom. Too close. So, I ignored her and stood my ground while Mom shopped, not aware of the woman – I wasn’t moving. The sister (African American slang for black woman) continued to stand and say nothing – I thought she was a nutcase.

Then she full-throated made this “HARRUMPH” sound. I still neither moved nor said a word, and she seemed to be trying to move between my Mom and myself – which would put her close to the cart and my Mom’s purse. I wasn’t moving and said nothing. Finally, she said she wanted me to move the cart so she could get “over there” – she didn’t articulate what she was getting.

I explained that the cart belonged to my Mom, not me. So, she asked my Mom, and Mom said “sure” – and the lady proceeded to try and move the cart herself; I took the cart and said “no wait” – and I moved it. So, she got her item – but it didn’t seem like she was there to really do that – to buy something. So, she said something that was in the form of “thank YOU” to emphasize that she was talking to my Mom, and not to me. I said nothing, but I looked over to her woman friend, and had my arms out as if to say “What is going on here?”

They walked away, and my Mom said “My son is here to protect me. He helps me.”

But that woman was crazy and it’s not the first example of black on black meanness I’ve witnessed this year, and in the last three. There’s an epidemic of this kind of behavior.

In the woman’s case, she could have said “Excuse me, I just want to get that item, if that’s okay?” Or, she could have waited for my Mom to finish, given that she was not really in a hurry from what I witnessed prior to her abrupt change of course toward us. You see? But she elected to try and be intimidating and mean – as if she hated black men, or men.

Whatever the case, between her and a San Diego Comic Con security guard who was way out of line two Saturdays ago, and again for no reason, and other examples, and there’s an issue.

African Americans should stop being knee-jerk mean to each other. Why this is happening, I don’t know – just that there’s a problem.

Stay tuned for more on this.

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