The Proud Boys, Racist Alt-Right Group, Plan Meeting At Oakland’s Make Westing Bar For July 23rd

The Proud Boys, seen as a racist, alt-right group that was founded in 2016 by Gavin McInnes, the Vice Media co-founder, are coming to Oakland’s Make Westing Bar to start trouble. (why they picked Uptown Oakland’s Make Westing Bar is beyond me.) The group has rapidly formed a reputation for violent protest, and have a nickname “The Right Wing Brawlers,” walking into bars and starting fights. That happened July 17th according to the LA Times‘ Jaclyn Cosgrove.

UPDATE: Bay Area Proud Boys Member calls to explain The Proud Boys to Zennie Abraham.

UPDATE: Are The Proud Boys connected to the stabbing of two black women at Oakland’s Mac Arthur BART Station on Sunday? Click here for that news.

On that day, members of The Proud Boys got into an altercation with people from the Democratic Socialists of America, at a place called The Griffin. Joe Androsky, an LA comedian, organized a kind of resistance to plans The Proud Boys had to visit The Griffin. For what, I do not know. The LA Times describes The Proud Boys as “a far-right organization that describes itself as a pro-Western fraternal organization.”

This blogger has no idea what The Proud Boys are starting fights for, but I do hold that, logically, since racism is a mental illness, and The Southern Poverty Law Center sees The Proud Boys as racist, then the reasons for their actions can’t be considered sane.

The Proud Boys trying to get people to say they’re “for men who refuse to apologize for creating the modern world, aka Western Chauvinists,” is, in itself, the hallmark of a group of men who have to be unhinged – how else to explain why anyone would waste their days looking to pick fights with dudes in bars, hurt people, and express a desire to say something bad about someone just because they’re black or Latino, or a person of color? There’s no way to say such behavior is done by someone of a sound mind, in my opinion.

The bad news for (lovers of sanity) is, reportedly, the The Proud Boys are planning a meeting in Downtown Oakland, at Make Westing bar, July 23rd. That an organization like the The Proud Boys thinks it’s OK to be in Oakland is, in itself, reflective of an underlying mental sickness that has become pervasive in the Bay Area. An irrational and disturbing desire to point to someone and describe them as “the other” marks The Proud Boys. Thankfully, Make Westing’s saying “no” to the The Proud Boys plans, and issued this statement on its Facebook Page:

The Proud Boys, a group of white racist nationalists notorious for violent confrontations across the country, including the terrible events in Charlottesville, have decided to throw a meet up in our city. They declared an intention to host their event at Make Westing, an establishment whose values stand in direct opposition to this Alt-Right group.

Make Westing has decided to join with our neighbors and create a “Pro-Oakland Movement” event on this day. This will be a celebration of what we love about our community and show that our diversity and pride is our strength.

A variety of establishments in the neighborhood will all be simultaneously hosting fundraisers on Monday, July 23rd for organizations such as Black Lives Matter, The Transgender Law Center, ACLU, Planned Parenthood and others.

Those of us at Make Westing stand united with our community to say: Racists, Fascists, and the Alt-Right are NOT welcome in our establishment.

We are asking the community to come join our celebration of our city and each other. We strongly oppose the violence this group supports and all acts of violence in our place of business and in our communities.

Please watch out for each other next Monday night and join us in Uptown as we take a stand in Love and against hate.

Where: 1714 Telegraph Ave, Oakland Ca
Date: Monday July 23rd
Time: 4pm-2am
***21 AND OVER***

This addition, in fairness to the founder of The Proud Boys, he says the group is “multi-racial group made up of straight guys — there’re some homos in there, there are plenty of Jews. The only pre-requisite is that you’re a dude — born a dude — and you accept the West as the best,” according to a video he issued. But, then if that’s the case, why the accusations of racism? It would seem to be due to the racist acts of some of The Proud Boys members.

And he issues this tweet:

And the Bay Area Proud Boys recently met at George and Walts, and there are two black guys in the photo…

So, there’s a messaging problem. But my issue is why do this at all? Do they have jobs or businesses? This is a waste of everyone’s time. I’d rather talk about the Godzilla Trailer from San Diego Comic Con.

I would add that the Oakland Police should be there, as well as the Alameda County Sheriffs. Don’t engage with The Proud Boys at all – don’t get into fights with them. Let Oakland Police take care of that – they are supposed to arrest people who do that.

Stay tuned.

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