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The Oakland Police Department Condemns Unlawful Actions By Trump Terrorists At US Capitol

The original title was “The Oakland Police Department Condemns Unlawful Actions at US Capitol”, but for some reason, the OPD left out any mention of President Trump. When an elected official take action against America, defending him by leaving out mention of his name is the last action to take. So, I filled in the blank for the Oakland Police Department by using the term “Trump Terrorists” because that’s what they were: domestic terrorists directed by Donald Trump and his operatives and his family.

Want proof? Watch Donald Trump Jr. and his Dad oversee the rally that was the gantry for the riot:

Here’s the Oakland Police Department Statement:

We were shocked by the violent acts that unfolded as an unlawful mob took over the US Capitol Building yesterday, while legislators were certifying the election. These actions were a disgraceful assault on our democracy and we condemn these violent acts.It has come to our attention that a formeremployeemade statements that he attended the events in Washington DC and defended the actions of the takeover at the Capitol. The statements made by the former employee were reprehensible and we wholly disavow his remarks. This former employee was separated from his employment with the City of Oakland nearly six years ago.We want to assure our community that those statementsoffend the morals and ethics of the women and men of our Department. Additionally, the Oakland Police Department has overhauled our hiring and screening proceduresto ensure that these values do not represent our current departmentemployees.If these types of statementswere made by a current employee,they would be groundsforimmediate initiationof a disciplinary investigation and could lead to termination. Our democracy is the very foundation of the rule of law and our law enforcement officers are on the front lines of defendingand upholdingthese tenets.Anyone engaged in theunlawful behavior that occurred at the Capitol and injured officers and civilians alike should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

The Oakland Police must explain what the history of Jurell Synder is. Given what he did, the entire history of events that led up to the Oakland Police Boogaloo Boys Matter last year must be investigated and with this question: does the Oakland Police harbor a white supremacist culture and officers that must be fired?

Stay tuned.

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