The Oakland City Council District Four “D4 – Three” Is Real: Harris, Maxson, Thao

Pam Harris, Nayeli Maxson, and Sheng Thao took my misinterpretation of a photo they created on August 5th, and made it real. What I said back then was the Oakland City Council District Four candidates were teaming as the “D4-3” up to give voters in the Oakland Hills a rank-choice-voting enabled set of options.

UPDATE: Charlie Michelson Withdraws From Oakland City Council Race.

Well, to their credit, Harris, Maxson, and Thao, didn’t bother to call and change my mind. Now, today, comes this video and press release:

OAKLAND, CA – Today, Oakland District 4 candidates Pam Harris, Nayeli Maxson, and Sheng Thao
launched the “Women’s Leadership Slate” encouraging voters to vote for them utilize rank choicevoting. ​The video is available here.

The ad which opens up with the candidates introducing themselves, goes on to say “for the past 16 years this seat has been held by dynamic women. We are 3 well qualified candidates for City Council.

We are mothers, public servants, and community leaders.” It continues “Pam has 20 years of nonprofit finance experience, she can manage any budget. Nayeli has worked in the District 4 office, she knows the district’s issues inside and out. Sheng has worked for the City Council for 5 years, she has the experience to get results. We are asking for your support on November 6th. This is a ranked choice election, vote for us 1, 2, or 3.” The video concludes with all 3 candidates encouraging voters to “vote for positive leadership, collaborative leaders, women’s leadership.”

Ranked choice voting is as easy as 1, 2, 3. Just follow these steps.

Step 1: Mark your 1st preference – the candidate you love – in the 1st column.
Step 2: Mark your 2nd preference – the candidate you like – in the 2nd column.
Step 3: Mark your 3rd preference – the candidate you can live with – in the 3rd column.

More information about ranked choice voting available at ​​.
More information is available at:

Stay tuned.

Oh, and this is not an endorsement.

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