California Affordable Housing Act Qualifies For The November 6 2018 Ballot

This November, residents in Oakland and other California cities and towns will have a chance to alter the market that’s created housing costs so high, the population of homeless people is larger than ever.

The California Secretary of State’s office informed county registrars and backers and proponents of the California Affordable Housing Act that Michael Weinstein, Elena Popp, and Christina Livingston have turned in 402,468 valid signatures to the counties. Thus, the California Affordable Housing Act, which has the mouthful-of-a real name EXPANDS LOCAL GOVERNMENTS AUTHORITY TO INACT RENT CONTROL ON RESIDENTIAL PROPERTY. INITIATIVE STATUTE. (#1837) will be on the November 6 2018 election ballot.

If the initiative passes this November (this blogger predicts a landslide), it will mean the repeal of the Costa Hawkins Act in California. What Costa Hawkins does is 1) prohibits rent control on any single family home or condominium, 2) prohibits rent control on any single apartment building built after 1995, or the year after rent control was passed in a California city, 3) allows a landlord the ability to increase rent on an apartment right after a tenent moves out of it, and up to three-times what it was when the person lived in it.

Repeal of the Costa Hawkins Act will allow California cities like Oakland to expand their current rent control legislation and install new local laws to make housing affordable.

This video, released by the group “Housing Is A Human Right”, explains what Costa Hawkins is:

Housing Is A Human Right Celebrates The News Tonight

The Housing Is A Human Right Coalition is holding a party at its headquarters to celebrate that the California Affordable Housing Act made the ballot. It’s tonight, Monday, June 18, 7:00 pm – 8:30 pm
6500 Sunset Blvd, Los Angeles, CA. The organizers ask that you RSVP via the event Facebook page here.

And on June 21st, which is this Thursday, the California Senate Judiciary Committee and the Assembly Committee on Housing and Community Development will hold a joint hearing on the California Affordable Housing Act. “Housing Is A Human Right”is holding a rally in conjunction with that hearing, and called “Showdown at the Capitol for Rent Control: Support Costa-Hawkins Repeal”.

“Housing Is A Human Right” is asking you to fill out an online form here, if you plan to attend the rally in Sacramento. This way, they can coordinate transportation for you to attend the event.

Stay tuned.

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