Sunday Morning Downtown Oakland Sideshow Features Gun Shots, Large Crowds

Unbelievably, this video posted 15 hours ago on YouTube by the Sean Sullivan YouTube channel, (not to be confused with the famed Oakland politico and co-owner of The Port Bar on Broadway) shows a wild scene in Downtown Oakland:

Sean Sullivan wrote:

At 1:15 am I woke to a to the noise of a crowd outside my front window. To my amazement, the ruckus was a sideshow at the corner of West Grand and Telegraph Ave., less than 200 yards from my front door. Blocking all lanes of traffic, the spectators created a protective layer of parked cars and head down to the action on foot. After a few minutes the whole event is ended by the sound of automatic weapons fire (audible only.) Certainly it was somewhat unnerving, at the same time it was exciting and awesome (by definition). A little taste of Oaklands subculture.

Then, this video on Twitter had another angle:

Where the video-maker wrote “Downtown Oakland. It’s 1:30AM..I’m hearing gunshots, engine revs, & tire screeching; for why?

Then, on Twitter, there was this posting 10 hours ago:

Last night there was a sideshow in downtown oakland and i was like oh cool imma walk outside and be nosy, camero with a nazi flag pulls up next to me starts calling me all types of bitch and honestly i was scared half to death.

An estimated 50 cars were involved, according to this post from Citizen App, to Twitter:

And this tweet tried to tie the Oakland Sideshow to the horrible Tacoma, Washington event that featured a police officer running people over with his SUV in an attempt to escape a small mob of people.

UPDATE: More Videos Related To Downtown Oakland, East Oakland Sideshows And Gun Shootings Last Weekend

Stay tuned.

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