Strong-Arm Robbery Haddon Rd & Brooklyn Ave – Cleveland Heights, Oakland

The CITIZEN App is reporting a Strong-Arm Robbery at Haddon Rd & Brooklyn Ave here in the Cleveland Heights neighborhood, Oakland. Here are the rest of the details:

2:22:58 pm
The suspect was last seen running eastbound on Brooklyn Avenue.
2:22:48 pm
The suspect is described as a Black man, 6’0″, slim, with long hair, wearing a black hoodie with gray sweatpants.
2:21:30 pm
The suspect is allegedly known to the victim and may have violated a restraining order.
2:21:14 pm
Police are investigating a reported strong-arm robbery.
2:20:51 pm
Incident reported at Haddon Rd & Brooklyn Ave.

The CITIZEN App is a new tech that started in late 2016 and is the outgrowth of something called Viglante by Andrew Frame, co-creator of the VoIP startup Ooma. The problem with its last incarnation Viglante is that, according to TechCrunch it “encouraged vigilantism, racial profiling and generally unsafe behavior” to which Mr. Frame chalked it up to a “learning experience.”

Frame re-branded Viglante to CITIZEN App after a $12 million investment from Sequoia Capital, the same venture capital firm that invested in Apple, YouTube, and many other famed tech companies.

CITIZEN App has as its mission to.. “Our mission is to keep people safe and informed. We believe everyone has the right to know what’s happening inside their communities in real time, and that transparency can drive change for the better. Citizen users are empowering the city of the future, building new ways to bring people together, creating a safer world, and democratizing 911.

According to its blog, CITIZEN App launched in New York City and is currently in the beta stage of testing in New York and in San Francisco.

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