Steven Buel Of East Bay Express Called To Try And Gaslight Oakland Vlogger Zennie Abraham – Vlog

Steven Buel Of East Bay Express Called To Try And Gaslight Oakland Vlogger Zennie Abraham – Vlog

Steven Buel Of East Bay Express Called To Try And Gaslight Oakland Vlogger Zennie Abraham – Vlog

ONN – Steven Buel Of East Bay Express Called To Try And Gaslight Oakland Vlogger Zennie Abraham – Vlog

What is Gaslighting? This definition:

“Gaslighting abuse can be perpetrated by either women or men. “Withholding” is one gaslighting technique where the abuser feigns a lack of understanding, refuses to listen and declines to share his emotions. Gaslighting examples of this would be: 1. “I’m not listening to that crap again tonight.””
Gaslighting is a form of psychological manipulation in which a person seeks to sow seeds of doubt in a targeted individual or in members of a targeted group, making them question their own memory, perception, and sanity.

In that way, Buel insists on his story about content related to my Insight Terminal Solutions content, rather than my truth and constant messaging of my relationship with ITS.

Even though the videos and text in explain that Insight Terminal Solutions is my client, he continued to try and force his way of thinking down my throat – my words be damned.

Completely racist approach in my view: his idea is to try and paint me as dishonest. Again, the racist media way of trying to paint a black person in a negative way.

And unless you think that’s not true, consider the post “Media Portrayals and Black Male Outcomes” in The Opportunity Agenda, where the website reports:

From the perspective of most scholars who focus on the topic, there is a clear causal story that links media representations of black men and boys to real-world outcomes. The story can be summarized as follows:

– For various reasons, media of all types collectively offer a distorted representation of the lives and reality of black males.
– In turn, media consumption negatively affects the public’s understandings and attitudes related to black males (sometimes including the understandings and attitudes of black males themselves)
– Finally, these distorted understandings and attitudes towards black males lead to negative real-world consequences for them.

Black males also tend to be underrepresented as experts called in to offer commentary and analysis in the news. News programs frequently include “talking heads” invited to help clarify a given topic, but these tend not to be black males.

Black males are underrepresented in the roles of computer users or technical experts in television commercials, instead tending to appear in roles that put less emphasis on intellectuality

While many aspects of black males’ real lived experience tend to be missing from the collective media portrayal, some aspects are very much present, and are, in fact, exaggerated.

Perhaps the most-discussed pattern is the association between black males and criminality, particularly in television news — where they are not only likely to appear as criminals, but likely to be shown in ways that make them seem particularly threatening (compared with white criminals, for instance)

Think about that the next time you read any mainstream media news in Oakland. Then go read The Oakland Post and Oakland News Now.

Who pays the East Bay Express And Did You Know It’s A Corporate For-Profit Publication?

Who pays the East Bay Express? It’ a question never answered, even as its listed as having investors. It’s a corporate for profit publication. It’s not a non-profit. And it’s known by many that it’s not making enough money to survive without investors. Crunchbase reports the East Bay Express as having investors, but who?

The East Bay Express is always asking others “Who pays you?”; we can ask the same question of the organization. Some have told me its folks associated with Tom Steyer.

The ads and mention of Insight Terminal Solutions as my client are all over Oakland News Now. To present another story is just gaslighting because The East Bay Express Buel disagrees with my message. Maybe Tosin Akintola is correct when he writes “Well-meaning white progressives, meanwhile, treat black Americans more like the family pet than the family friend, condescending to praise us when we align with their views, and ferally attacking when we don’t.”

He hung up on me when I tried to tell him he was wrong. Wow.

Stay tuned

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