Steve Sisolak Focus Of $250 Million Lawsuit Over Las Vegas Raiders Stadium Meeting

(Last Updated On: December 29, 2018)

As Steve Sisolak takes his place as the Democratic Party standard-bearer in his run for Governor of Nevada, a resident plans a legal challenge against him regarding the Stadium Project.

community activist Stanley Washington completed the paperwork for a pro-per class action lawsuit he plans to file in Clark County, Nevada next week. Washington says he already has the case file number.

Mr. Washington is suing Clark County Commission Chairman and Nevada Gubenatorial Candidate Steve Siolak, Stadium Authority Chairman and now Convention and Visitors Authority President Steven Hill, and 872 Laborers Business Manager and Secretary -Treasurer Tommy White, for $250 million.

Mr. Washington’s legal attack stems from events which took place at the July 13th 2017 meeting of the Stadium Authority. On the agenda was review and approval of several documents concerning the construction of Stadium for the NFL’s and University of Nevada ’ (UNLV) Football Team, including the controversial “Community Benefits Plan” that was to form the guidelines for minority hiring on the Stadium Project.

A few days prior to the meeting, Mr. Washington passed out flyers to black residents in an effort to inform them about job opportunities related to the stadium project, and urged them to attend the July 13th event.

Washington’s flyer read there was a need for “5,000 black men and women who want to go to work”. As a result, what was said to be almost a thousand people traveled to Clark County Government Headquarters for the meeting and massed outside the building, while some managed to get seats inside the crowded room.

That was when the conflict started.

Washington’s lawsuit reads, in part, “That on July 13, 2017 Plaintiff was upon the premises of Clark County Government Center and in attendance at a Stadium Authority Board meeting and was at all times behaving in a peaceful and lawful manner. That defendants (referring to Sisolak, Hill, and White), through color of their authority and deliberate misinformation, urged, influenced and intimidated 200 plus African Americans to leave the public meeting chambers which was full, so that white business owners and white labor union members could take the seats the African Americans were seated in. That as a result of the conduct of the Defendants, Plaintiff’s community integrity was injured.”

Stanley Washington Is Serving As His Own Lawyer, But Only Temporarily

Stanley Washington has taken on the case himself “pro per” (which is Latin for “for oneself”) and says he got a “very promenent paralegal” to help him draw up the paperwork because he could not get a lawyer in to take on the case “at this point,” he says. “I’ve already got calls from others who are interested (in the case),” he said.

On the matter of Commissioner Sisolak, Washington remarked that he had not talked to the Nevada Democrat about the lawsuit, but says he has “talked to plenty of people in the Laxalt camp,” referring to Adam Laxalt, Sisolak’s Republican challenger for the seat currently held by Republican Brian Sandoval.

Mr. Washington says he has a “similar complaint” to the State of Nevada Attorney General’s Office all ready to go, as well.

“All Sisolak needs to do is explain is why he got 200 black workers in the Clark County public meeting to leave, only to have white workers come in and take their seats,” Washington said.

Mr. Washington has talked to Zennie62Media several times about his plans to file a lawsuit. I contacted Commissioner Sisolak to get his on-the-record comments about Washington’s plans, but did not receive a response.

The only time Commissioner Sisolak ever mentioned Mr. Washington to me is when I met the now Democratic Party standard-bearer for Nevada at the Convention Center Expansion Groundbreaking that was held on Tuesday, January 8th of this year.

Sisolak said he saw my August 29th 2017 interview with Washington, but when I asked the County Commissioner if he would come on my Zennie62 on YouTube livestream program to talk about the stadium project, he derisively said to me “I don’t want to be on your show, Zennie.”

Stadium Met Minority Hiring Objectives

It must be reported that Mortenson-McCarthy, the prime contractor for the Stadium Project, did meet its minority hiring objectives, as reported on February 16th, 2018.

Stay tuned.


By Zennie Abraham

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