Steph Curry’s Car Accident Points To Warriors Need To Transport Players

Steph Curry was in a car accident where he emerged without an injury – by accounts, not a scratch. It could have been worse: the Golden State Warriors Star could have been killed.

Steph Curry is arguably worth $500 million to the Warriors – about one-quarter or one-sixth of the organization’s franchise value. To one of the lead Splash Brothers because of an avoidable car accident would have been the height of incredible stupidity.

Avoidable car accident? Yes.

Which brings us to the question of how this happened.

This is what the Oakland office of The California Highway Patrol posted about an hour ago on Facebook:

This morning at 8:48 AM, the CHP Oakland Area was dispatched to a traffic collision with property-damage on W/B SR-24, east of SR-13. After officers arrived on scene, it was determined Steph Curry had been involved in two separate property damage only traffic collisions at this location. Mr. Curry was driving a black Porsche sedan in the number one lane when a driver in a silver Lexus sedan lost control of their vehicle and made an unsafe lane change from the number four lane to the number one lane, and collided with Mr. Curry’s vehicle. After the collision, Mr. Curry stopped his vehicle in the center median to wait for assistance. Approximately ten minutes later, at 855 hours, while Mr. Curry was stopped in the center median, the driver of a black Honda civic traveling in the number one lane, approaching Mr. Curry’s location, lost control of their vehicle and veered into the center median and collided with the concrete wall and then Mr. Curry’s vehicle. No injuries were reported or claimed in either traffic collision. No impairment was detected from any of the parties involved and no arrests were made. Thankfully, everyone walked away uninjured due to everyone wearing their seatbelts. We would like to remind everyone to slow it during inclement weather. #SlowDown #WearYourSeatbelt #Warriors #StephCurry #CHP #Safety #Service #Security #Blue&Gold

Steph Curry's Porche sedan (photo courtesy of CHP Oakland)
Steph Curry’s Porsche sedan (photo courtesy of CHP Oakland)

Now, go back and read that police report again: Steph Curry was nearly killed twice, and lived to tell about it. The Warriors three-point legend was just minding his own business, driving to basketball practice (in other words going to work) when the dual accident happened.

That the Warriors $500 million-man was allowed to travel in this way reflects a careless and awful lack of forsight on the part of the Golden State Warriors.

The Warriors have enough money to pick up Curry at his home in a luxury bus with a small security detail, and take him to basketball practice. But what do the Warriors do? The Warriors allow Curry to drive his very cool Porsche sedan (the same kind owned by former Oakland Councilmember Ignacio De La Fuente) to work. Without an escort. Heck, without a California Highway Patrol escort.

That should not be. And it’s why this blogger asserts the accident was avoidable – the Warriors could have picked him up and taken him to the practice session.

With Sports Gambling, Player Safety Can’t Be Taken Lightly

Is this a window to a future where Warriors players, worth three-times what Curry’s value to the team is today because of the allowance of gambling, are still permitted to drive themselves to work? That kind of irresponsibility is unreal. Curry or any player could be kidnapped or the accident could have been intentional. And when gambling is involved, the chance for such attempts at fowl play must be reduced to zero.

The Golden State Warriors, and indeed, the NBA and other sports leagues, must take far better care of their players than this accident reveals.

Steph Curry means a lot to a lot of people. His employer’s actions should reflect that. Transport the man – don’t let him drive.

Stay tuned.

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