Star Trek, Roddenberry Entertainment, At San Diego Comic Con 2018

Star Trek is not only back, but Star Trek will always be a part of San Diego Comic Con. It’s easy to think that, with Disney’s $4 billion purchase of the Star Wars franchise from George Lucas, and all of the money pumped into making spin-off movies like “Rogue: One” and “Solo,” that Star Trek had gone the way of the Dodo.

Thank God for the box-office failute of Solo to take a little luster off of the Star Wars franchise, and allow Star Trek some breathing room. Star Trek is back at San Diego Comic Con, and before this video – blogger goes on any more ranting, here are the key events you should schedule, according to a newsletter I received from Roddenberry Entertainment:

Roddenberry Presents Panel
Thursday, July 19th | 1:30pm Room 24ABC

Star Trek Discovery Panel
Friday, July 20th | 1:30pm | Hall H

There’s no word, right now, on exactly what the Roddenberry Presents Panel will present, but any new information will be typed in, ASAP. And that brings us to the current talk in the Star Trek Fandom Universe, all about Discovery.

I always look forward to Roddenberry at San Diego Comic Con. Here’s the man who makes the both go, Tori Mell, presenting me with the Star Trek 50th Anniversary Pin in 2016:

And I have to digress and present my interview with William Shatner at San Diego Comic Con 2012:

And then, I just can’t do this without this vlog on The Star Trek Movie Review from 2009 in Oakland at the great Grand Lake Theater. Star Trek helped form my long time friendships. So, I show this in the wake of the passing of my friend of 41 years, Lars Frykman a few months ago, in Sonoma, California:

Ok, Back To Comic Con San Diego and Star Trek Discovery

The Star Trek Discovery Panel on Friday, July 20th will allow us to catch up with the cast of the incredible series streamed on CBS All-Access. And on that, there’s a lot of talk about how Star Trek Discovery works to balance canon and ‘the new’ – in other words, bringing in a new look to the Star Trek universe, without changing it so much that it falls outside of the storyline and style that makes Star Trek what is is.

That was a big discussion at the Emmy For Your Consideration promotional event that was covered by Trek Movie. Show stars Sonequa Martin-Green, Doug Jones, Mary Chieffo, Wilson Cruz, James Frain, and Anthony Rapp, were in attendance, along with four of the show’s executive producers. Executive producer Heather Kadin focused on the ‘canon versus new’ issue, making this statement, again, according to Trek Movie :

A big part of the show – and everyone in front of the camera and behind the camera, is such a combination of people who are obsessed Trek fans to people who sort of liked it to people who barely knew it at all – so we talked, and still do, about the importance of it has to be true to fans, but it has to open the door to people who didn’t know it before. Especially since prior to now it has been a show and movies that appealed to an audience that has grown in age, and how do we bring in younger people who have not seen it before? And that has been what is so great about this show as a lot of us have kids who are of the age who can be watching it and exposed and brought into that tent. It has always come from a place of respecting and loving the canon of Trek, but how do we open it up to new people.

My only real issue with Star Trek Discovery is with CBS and it’s choice to have ST:D streamed and not part of CBS Television. Television is still the water-cooler of the World, even with social media and smartphones, and by not having Star Trek Discovery on it, that promotional advantage of being able to have timely tweets and posts about it, is lost. Star Trek Discovery itself is a great show that should be given a real chance and I’m concerned CBS is not doing that.

As for getting ready for the Star Trek Discovery Panel at SDCC 2018, here’s my livestream of it from last year’s San Diego Comic Con:

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