Sierra Club Pushes Teens To Harass Phil Tagami’s Family Over Oakland Bulk And Oversized Terminal

Sierra Club Pushes Teens To Harass Phil Tagami’s Family Over Oakland Bulk And Oversized Terminal

ONN – Sierra Club Pushes Teens To Harass Phil Tagami’s Family Over Oakland Bulk And Oversized Terminal

In an effort to get teenagers in trouble with the law, the Sierra Club, along with Youth vs. Apocalypse, pushes teens to do the protests that the adults don’t want show their face doing. In this case, The Sierra Club Magazine promoted the young and very much unsuspecting 14-year-old Angelika Soriano to say that she protested what the wrongly written article called an “East Oakland” coal terminal.

In point of fact, the Insight Terminal Solutions Oakland Bulk And Oversized Terminal is not a coal terminal and is located in West Oakland, and not East Oakland. But, facts seem to get in the way of a good story for The Sierra Club, and so what comes out of that is the title “It’s Zombies Versus Coal in East Oakland”. Why?

Because The Sierra Club encouraged young Angelika Soriano to say this:

For months, she and other youth activists tried to get the developer, Phil Tagami, to meet with them. On the night before Halloween in 2017, she and about 200 other people protested outside Tagami’s house. They covered themselves in ashy face paint and fake blood and declared themselves coal zombies. “We got the idea of dressing up as zombies as a way of saying we might be killed by coal,” Soriano says.

That poor girl has no idea that she just admitted to harassing Phil Tagami at his home. Phil is a long time friend of this blogger, and so when I reached him via text, Tagami’s response to the information that the Sierra Club was admitting use of teenagers to harass him, he reported “and my children at school.”

That’s against the law. It’s a criminal action. What’s more, it’s a series of coordinated actions to horrify someone over a matter that could translate into a positive experience for teenagers rather than a negative one.

The Sierra Club could design a science fair project for teenagers in Oakland Schools, where they could learn available technology and come up with ways that it can be applied to the hauling of bulk commodities through Oakland in a way as close to zero emissions as possible. They would find a willing partner in Phil and many California agencies, which recently worked together to roll-out the new Oakland Global Rail Enterprise (OGRE) Low Emission Engine.

Proposed to use with the Oakland Bulk And Oversized Terminal, the Oakland Global Rail Enterprise (OGRE) Low Emission Engine combined with covered rail cars, can dramatically reduce emissions to previously not seen levels and maintain well-paying basic non-tech jobs in the export states, and establish them in Oakland.

Teenagers working on other ideas can find themselves in alliance with potential future employers and perhaps even have their entire college education paid for.

Let’s face it: The Sierra Club’s not going to pay to keep teenagers from being arrested for harassing real estate developers. The parents of children like Angelika Soriano should be very concerned about what the Sierra Club and Youth vs. Apocalypse are doing – and by extension Presidential Candidate Tom Steyer, who’s money has been directed toward the work of Youth vs. Apocalypse and the Sierra Club with respect to climate change.

Teenagers need to ask questions: for example, what would happen to the coal fields if they were put out of business, with all of that valuable material in the ground? Easy. Hedge fund investors like Tom Steyer would just come in and buy them for junk prices and make a giant profit on the worldwide energy market. Teenagers who think they’re doing the work of saving the planet would realize they were duped into helping another billionaire get richer.

And, in closing, The Sierra Club must take steps to make doubly certain it’s not leaning toward a repeat of its white supremacist past – one marked by the writings and words of Sierra Club co-founder Joseph LeConte (called “The Golden State’s Scientific White Supremacist“) and the history of main co-founder John Muir. In opposing the OBOT, The Sierra Club has ignored the employment needs of blacks and Latinos in Oakland, sent an idea by omission that only tech jobs are good jobs, and done zero to raise its voice in outcry against the racist hiring policies the tech community is known for. Time to change.

Stay tuned.

Post script: now The Sierra Club’s going after me, Zennie Abraham. They can’t read: I long introduced that my client is Insight Terminal Solutions. Also, they’re not building a coal terminal – it’s a bulk terminal. Here’s a hint regarding their mode of attack: “The White-dominant press historically has covered people of color as a threat to society. Even though people of color have challenged and often disrupted this racist narrative, the dominant narrative about our communities holds firm. It has been hardwired into our nation’s consciousness due to institutional and structural racism in the media system and in our society. White people have always controlled the mainstream media. That’s why members of the Black community told the Kerner Commission they mistrusted the news media.”

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