Sheltered Mercy: Leslie Silver Interview On Her Documentary On Homelessness

(Last Updated On: March 5, 2019)

Sheltered Mercy: Interview With Leslie Silver On Her Documentary On Homelessness

ONN – Sheltered Mercy: Interview With Leslie Silver On Her Documentary On Homelessness and Mental Illness in Sacramento.

Leslie Silver was our guest on Zennie62 on Live and to talk about her in-production documentary called “Sheltered Mercy”.

Sheltered Mercy tells the story of different real life people who make up the story of homelessness and mental illness in Sacramento. The movie is now in its second year of production, with a target completion date of October 2020.

As the Facebook Page reads “Sheltered Mercy is a documentary about the deficiencies in our political and social systems, using the stories of the homeless as conduits to reveal these deficiencies. The film will follow specific homeless individuals over a period of time, showing an intimate and honest portrayal of the people who have fallen the furthest and have the least. It will educate the viewers about what’s not working, and offer solutions that WILL work. Help us tell this story. Together, we can affect positive change.”

In this hour-long interview, Mrs. Sliver talks about how “Sheltered Mercy” came to be, what she’s learned, how we got to a point where the homeless problem is so large, and if society is really doing anything about it.

Leslie reveals that about 30 percent of the people she talked to were single women on the street, and of those who were men, they were “overwhelmingly African American,” she said, and “reflecting years of systemic racism,” as well as broken families.

We also talked extensively about the role the giant problem of the lack of affordable has played in the growth of Sacramento and California’s homeless problem. Leslie talked about her meeting with California Governor Gavin om and her hope for a better policy future with him as the State’s new leader.

To learn more about “Sheltered Mercy” and learn how you can help in financing it, visit the website at

Stay tuned.

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