SFist, San Francisco News Site Which Featured Zennie Abraham, Is Back

(Last Updated On: May 27, 2019)

SFist, San Francisco News Site Which Featured Zennie Abraham, Is Back

ONN – SFist, a -based blog site, is back. The online publication that was part of the “Gothamist” series of websites owned by billionaire Joe Ricketts, has been acquired by -based media company Impress3 Media.

Impress3 Media was established October 30, 2013, according to Crunchbase. The founders are Gabriele Genghini, Paul Frielman, and Zachary Chen. It’s listed as focusing on “Content Automation, Local , Industry , Videos” – much like my Zennie62Media. Still, clearly a different path for SFist from the past.

In 2009, SFist discovered me via my rant about J.J. Abrams Star Trek, and my Zennie62 on viral video of a fight that took place in front of Harry’s Bar on Fillmore during the Fillmore Jazz Festival. The video was and is a kind of Rorschach test for society. Anyway, SFist wrote “Zennie sounds like he could be one of the most interesting people this city has got going for it. In addition to ruminating on Star Trek or Giants games, he comes across great action around town.”

The “Fight on Fillmore at Fillmore Jazz Festival” video: https://youtu.be/vvQXjh-NnLM

The only issue I had with the SFist editors at the time was what I perceived was a developing pattern of the publication making fun of anything I pointed to that was racist. Hopefully, the new SFist will seek to have a better relationship with me.

The Impact Of Social Media: Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, On Media

Beyond me, the story of what Joe Ricketts did in closing the Gothamist, and SFist, is intructional. The billionaire founder of TD Ameritrade wrote “I’m hopeful that in time, someone will crack the code on a business that can support exceptional neighborhood storytelling.” Workers of the publications argue back that it was their desire to unionize that caused Ricketts to shut them down. I contend that both Ricketts and his workers failed to see the real cause of the demise of the publications: social media.

According to a late 2018 Pew Research Survey, 68 percent of Americans get their via social media. And the leaders in where eyeballs are placed are Facebook, Twitter, and Reddit, with Instagram and Snapchat pulling up the rear because of they are image-based. But the pattern of gaining information from and handful of social media sites is so hard-wired that much of today is either gotten from one of those platforms, or those platforms are used to communicate that info.

That dynamic, alone, has contributed to the demise of local publications. There is a way out of this…

Stay tuned.

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