Schaaf And Brooks Have Qualified For November: City of Oakland 2018 Elections Signature Status

In the 2018 Oakland Elections, there are record numbers of candidates running for the Mayor Of Oakland and Oakland City Council District Four Seat – 17 people including incumbent Mayor Libby Schaaf, and 10 people in the case of the Oakland City Council District Four Seat (and had 12 names).

UPDATE: the Oakland City Clerk has released the names of those who officially qualified for the November ballot – read about it here.)

But now that the deadline to gather a minium of 50 signatures is upon us, who’s good, and who’s not? In other words, which candidate has officially qualified, who’s signature document list is still being counted, and who’s not turned their’s in?

Well, some Zennie62 fan out there provided me with the full Oakland City Clerk’s spreadsheet answer to that question. Since the spreadsheet contains the phone numbers and emails of each person campaigning, I am not going to push it, just repeat the part of the spreadsheet that tells us, you and I, what their status is. Here goes!

Oakland Mayoral Election Candidates Libby Schaaf, Cedric Troupe, Cat Brooks, Ken Houston, and Saied Karamooz have all qualitied for the November ballot. Peter Liu, Marchon Tatmon, Pamela Price, Nancy Sidebotham, and Jesse Smith are all in the status of “verification in process.” The rest of the persons originally listed as running, including Oakland Councilmember Rebecca Kaplan (who said she’s not running), have not turned in signatures at all, according to the spreadsheet. Of 17 candidates, 11 turned in signatures, so far, and of the 11, five have qualified.

That means Oakland Mayoral Election Candidates Kristina Molina, Preston Walker, Randolph Wilkins, Shelton Dunson, Asah Pearson, and Councilmember Rebecca Kaplan are not accounted for, as of this writing.

For Oakland City Council District Two, only the incumbent, Abel Guillen, has turned in valid signatures, and so has been marked “qualified” for the November election. Both Nikki Bas and Kenzie Smith are in the status of “verification in process.”

For the Oakland City Council District Four Race, only seven of the 10 candidates have turned in signatures or marked as scheduled filing appointments, and of them, none have been marked “qualitied” – that includes Pamela Harris, Sheng Thao, Francis Hummel, Nayeli Maxson, Charlie Michelson, Joseph Simmons, and Joseph Tanios, Of that list Maxson, Michelson, Simmons, and Tanios have filing appointments set; the rest have submitted theirs.

For the Oakland City Council District Six Race, the incumbent Councilmember Desley Brooks, Miya Whitaker, and Maria Rodriquez have all qualitied. Loren Taylor and Natacha Middleton are listed as “verification in process.”

In the Oakland City Auditor’s Race, Courtney Ruby has qualified, whereas the incumbent Brenda Roberts is listed as “verification in process.”

In the Oakland School Board Races, Aimee Eng, the lone District Two candidate, has qualified. In District Four, Clarrisa Doutherd is listed as “verification in process,” whereas Gary Yee is listed asn “nomination papers issued.”

And finally, for now, in Oakland School Board District Six, Anthony Wilson, Shanthi Gonzales, and Ebony Edgerton are all marked “verification in process.”

So, that’s the latest – stay tuned for updates.

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