Salt Lake Tribune Takes Government Ppp Loan, And Deny Coal Industry Aide; Paul Huntsman’s Two Step?

Salt Lake Tribune Takes Govt PPP Loan, Denies Oakland, Coal Industry Aide; Paul Huntsman’s Two Step?

Salt Lake Tribune Takes Government PPP Loan, Yet Denies Coal Industry Aide; Paul Huntsman’s Two Step?
From YouTube Channel: August 15, 2020 at 11:45PM

ONN – Salt Lake Tribune Takes Government PPP Loan, And Denies Oakland OBOT, Coal Industry Aide; Paul Huntsman’s Two Step?

The Oakland Bulk and Oversized Terminal (video), of which its co-developer Insight Terminal Solutions (ITS) is a Zennie62Media content network client (and because this vlogger knows about the OBOT and has built a giant media network to get out the truth about it, and so worked to get Inight Terminal Solutions), is the focus of a political controversy in Utah.

Basically, the Utah Legislature is to vote on an action that will result in something like $20 million being invested, to some degree, in OBOT – the ultimate result will be the maintenance of coal industry jobs in Utah, due to the operation of the multi-commodity bulk terminal (not strictly a coal terminal) in Oakland, opening up trade routes for the transport of bulk commodities, coal in this case, to the Pacific Rim.

That should be a simple story, but the work to scare people away from coal (as if other bulk commodities were cleaner, and they’re not) and by the spending on politics and media by people like Tom Steyer (who spent millions of dollars in investments in California and Oakland elected officials, non-profit political organizations, and media efforts), and Paul Huntsman, in this case, have made the matter complicated. To wit, both Steyer and Huntsman have investments in renewable energy, with Mr. Huntsman both owner and manager of The Salt Lake Tribune, while also serving as President and CEO of Huntsman Family Investments. In turn,The Salt Lake Tribune has taken a wild stance against the planned Utah Legislature action to help the coal industry via an investment in the OBOT.

I wonder if this kind of Paul Huntsman “two-step” caused Jennifer Napier-Pearce to resign as Salt Lake Tribune Editor, earlier this month?

The Salt Lake Tribune does not, itself, point to this interesting truth about its owner, and the publication advocates against government aide to (it says) “prop-up” the coal industry, but has no problem asking for government aide to prop-up its own business in the form of a $854,000 Payroll Protection Program Loan. The Salt Lake Tribune does not explain this interesting state of affairs. But, in an op-ed written by its news columnist Robert (Cool Glasses) Gehrke, it does go on to make some rather disparaging comments about coal workers using drugs.

In other words, don’t let those coal workers get aide because they have an opioid problem. That’s basically what was written, and that’s cold – to say the least. Love to know what coal executives think of that take. Think about it: it’s the standard trope of some in the American media: let’s make those coal industry workers look so bad that no one will give them the help they need. That’s cold.

The simple fact of the matter is we are in the middle of a Pandemic. So, even though many Utah service industry sectors has taken giant unemployment hits far beyond transportation and mining (take a look), the Salt Lake Tribune would dare ask the Utah Legislature to basically just go and let its stronger industry fail. In the middle of a Pandemic. There’s one word for that: cold.

What Utah needs, and what America needs, is a Sputnik program for traditional energy. We need to go back to Star Trek TOS thinking, where we asked how tech could solve a problem and make our lives better, and go away from Star Wars thinking, which is The Force vs. The Dark Side, or coal versus no-coal. The fact is coal is not going to just evaporate from the ground with a “poof”.

The people leading the charge to fuel media and politics in to bear on traditional energy, like Steyer and Huntsman, are also experienced hedge fund managers who, in my opinion, have the dollars to shift the World to an investment climate more favorable to their “innovative business” portfolios. Then, when coal is so cheap a resource it’s not funny, I’ll bet those two and their families and friends will be the first to tout the new, automated age of coal – done with robots and not people. There’s one word for that: cold.

Let’s hope we can stop this kind of thinking, and get back to applying technology to achieve close to zero-emissions in traditional energy, and save those jobs, too. That’s what America used to dare itself to try to do. That’s what America must do.

Stay tuned.

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