Robert De Niro’s F-Trump Blast Shocks Then Delights 2018 Tony Awards Audience

Robert De Niro’s not one for subtle references and at the 2018 Tony Awards, tonight, the star of legendary films like The Godfather was more Raging Bull, as he came out to introduce Bruce Springsteen.

As he did, he rose his arm to the air and said.. nothing. If you were watching the CBS Television broadcast of the 2018 Tony Awards, at that point, CBS cut the sound. Viewers immediately took to Twitter to ask what De Niro said, and the reported tweets from on site at the event read “Robert De Niro said F-Trump” and with the F-Trump a cleaning up of the language in case little ones read this.

What was almost equally fascinating about the moment was the reaction of the audience at the Tony Awards. They erupted with applause after what some tweeted was a “he did what, just now” initial response.

With all of his many moves that many believe have divided America, and helped to encourage a dangerous social climate where guns are prized, President Trump was not a popular figure at the 2018 Tony Awards.

Robert De Niro seemed to be sending a message on behalf of Broadway.

Stay tuned.

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