Retesting The WordPress App For Oakland News Now

The use of the WordPress App is not something this vlogger has emphasized because the focus of Zennie62media has been the use of the YouTube video description editor as the basis for blog writing.

You read that correctly.

A sub-objective of the overall work toward making the perfect video-blog platform has been to be able to bypass the WordPress editor for immediate upload of posts and just go to one place: YouTube.

The idea that I have worked toward and achieved was to have videos be the center of content creation rather than something done to entertain the reader of a blog post.

That is me at the 2019 PGA Championship Tour

Now, Zennie62 on YouTube vloggers are also automatically bloggers. Thanks to a rather complicated laticework of platforms and coding, I have created a system that is simple to operate. All one has to do is make a YouTube video on my channel and write the description (or not because I engineered around that need) and upload the video and then continue on the work of covering an event or thinking about their next news commentary statement.

Think about how powerful this way of doing media is! Think of the implications. The ease of creation of rich media content. And all with the use of your smartphone. Forget carrying backpacks with laptops. Leave them at the hotel if you are at an event like The Super Bowl or the NBA Finals. Pretty cool? You bet.

So that was why I was hesitant to use the WordPress App. But the call of tech coolness has forced my hand.

So there. Here is the first post using the app in some time. The last time I did this the photo part, it turned out okay.

Here goes, again.

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