Reported Hangman Noose In Oakland At Lake Merritt Not First Time

Hangman Noose Found At Oakland Lake Merritt By Owner Of Feelmore Adult, Posts On Twitter
(Last Updated On: June 17, 2020)

news – On Tuesday via Twitter came news of the siting of a hangman noose on a tree near a walk path along . It was the focus of this Zennie62 on YouTube video blog and News Now post:

The Twitter account that belongs to the owner of Feelmore Adult, the famous sex shop at 17th and Telegraph in Downtown , posted a Twitter video that claimed to show a hangman noose placed on a tree near a walk-path in Park. What’s not clear is exactly when the video was made and uploaded (separate from the tweet itself) or if Feelmore Adult called the Police.

As stated before, I put in a call to the shop phone number of Feelmore Adult, but due to the lateness of the hour, did not receive a return phone call or text.

What is known is word of the hangman noose is spreading. It’s also known that a hangman’s noose is a universal sign of anti-black racism, and implies violence that would be done to someone black. It’s also known that, as of now, the hangman’s noose is not officially illegal in . It should be. The hangman noose is illegal to display in Virginia, New York and Connecticut – why not ? The other question is how did it get there at ?

Whatever the answer, it’s not the first time the hangman noose symbol popped up in our racially-harmonic city of .

, California Was Focus Of Hangman Noose Stories In 2014 and 2017

The City of hangman noose scare of 2014.

In 2014, City of workers reported a hangman noose and a possible racist threat directed at an African-American worker, but after an investigation led by then Interim City Manager Henry Gardner, there was discovered a rope tied into what they took to be a hangman’s noose – but they said it was just a slipnot. While the media went with the cover-story that it was a mistake, behind the scenes, a number of City of workers told me the truth was covered up. The problem is just what that “truth” was, was never revealed.

The Port of hangman noose scare of 2017.

This one was at the Port of and the union’s secretary-treasurer reported that one of his members found a hangman’s noose inside a truck on the terminal. That marked the second hangman noose found in two weeks. The first was found tied to a fence at the same cargo terminal, and six months before that report — racist graffiti was found spray painted on a piece of equipment.

Later that year, four Port of dockworkers sued three marine companies that employ them, and for the claim of supporting a racially hostile work environment after slurs, nooses and Confederate flags reported to have been seen, yet no action was taken.

Hangman Noose First Outside Of A Government Organization In

While the other mentioned hangman noose acts were done within the City of , this is the first reported one that’s entirely a private affair, yet in public. Someone did it, not known, but in a public setting, .

The City of should officially outlaw the hangman noose.

UPDATE From Councilmember Lynette Gibson McElhaney

From her post on Facebook:

OPD’s preliminary investigation suggests that these ropes have been tied to the trees by a fitness group. Neighbors have reported seeing people use them for exercise.

OPD investigators have not met with anyone associated with the fitness group but will be returning today to see if they can locate anyone associated with the equipment. If no one is there to claim the ropes, they will be removed by the City.

This is a time for heightened sensitivity. We are committed that will not be a home for bigotry or any form of terrorism. We are a diverse, inclusive, LoveLife community that welcomes all and where we want all to feel and be safe. Pending OPDs findings I will issue another update this afternoon.

Personal view: update and findings my ass! We need an ordinance to stop this kind of noose from even being made. It’s not necessary.

Stay tuned.


By Zennie Abraham

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