Rebecca Kaplan Blasts Mike Pence Lies About Oakland White Supremacist Murder Of Dave Underwood

Rebecca Kaplan Oakland City Council President
(Last Updated On: September 12, 2020)


– Vice President Mike Pence’s speech during the Republican National Convention contained deeply misleading statements regarding the horrific murder of Dave Patrick Underwood in . According to the investigation, Mr. Underwood was killed by Steven Carrillo, a follower of the Boogaloo Boys— a right-wing extremist movement connected with white supremacists. Pence wrongly attempted to tie this killing to the Black Lives Matter movement, which, in fact, had no involvement in the killing.

City Council President denounced Pence’s lie, “There was a white supremacist murder in – and it is disgusting and wrong for anyone, especially the Vice President, to try to blame the Black Lives Matter movement. Mr. Underwood tragic murder was not part of any demonstration, but an act of a violent, armed white supremacist.”

joins the rest of the country in mourning the senseless, tragic murders, and oppression of Black Lives. has its own tragic loss of life with the murder of Patrick Underwood, a Federal Protective Services officer with deep ties in . It should be made clear that the culprits who killed Mr. Underwood had nothing to do with the peaceful protests in honor of Black lives.

Pence’s lies attempt to discredit important movements for social justice, and to move blame away from violent white supremacist murder. Communities are put in greater danger when white supremacist murder is excused or blamed on others — while the President and Vice President continue to encourage violent killings by their supporters. Our communities deserve better, and the lies of the Vice President should be denounced by all people of conscience.

As has been reported previously:

“Steven Carrillo, a California man who was charged with murder, scrawled phrases tied to an online far-right extremist movement in blood on a car shortly before he was detained…. Elements of The Boogaloo have evolved from a gathering of militia enthusiasts and Second Amendment advocates into a full-fledged violent extremist group, which inspires lone wolf actors and cell-like actors alike.”

Rebecca Kaplan

By Rebecca Kaplan

Rebecca Kaplan is Oakland's 3-Term At-Large Councilmember


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