Really Simple SSL Blocks Access To My WordPress Media Files

Really Simple SSL, the popular WordPress plugin (claims over 1 million downloads) that helps resolve mixed content issues between HTTP and HTTPS elements, has a nasty side problem, at least for me.

Let’s get this out of the way: Really Simple SSL does work, but there’s a price paid. I can’t access my media files. That’s a jargon-laden way of telling you I can’t see the photos I’ve uploaded to my Oakland News Now WordPress blog!

My normal checkerboard squares of photos is replaced by a note asking me to complete the SSL process, but then the note doesn’t go away and yield my photos when I do!

The best solution for me was to just plain take the Really Simple SSL plugin off my site, which I did do – and I found an alternative approach.

So, to Rogier Lankhorst, who’s the maker of Really Simple SSL, please fix your plugin. If you have any questions for me, send them along or feel free to call, I’m happy to help.

Stay tuned.

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