Raiders Lawsuit: City Of Oakland 2nd Response To Raiders, NFL 2nd Motion To Dismiss Argument

Raiders Lawsuit: City Of Oakland 2nd Response To Raiders, Nfl 2nd Motion To Dismiss Argument
(Last Updated On: April 17, 2020)

Raiders Lawsuit: City Of Oakland 2nd Response To Raiders, NFL 2nd Motion To Dismiss Argument

ONN – Raiders Lawsuit: City Of Oakland 2nd Response To Raiders, NFL 2nd Motion To Dismiss Argument

The 14-lawyer team representing the City Of Oakland in its lawsuit against the Oakland Raiders move to Las Vegas, submitted their second opposition response to the second “motion to dismiss” document filed by the Raiders and the NFL on October 25th, 2019.

The City Of Oakland essentially says that the fact is the NFL’s requireing a vote of 3/4th of the team owners to approve a new NFL team, alone, points to the existence of an “anti-competitive scheme”. In other words, in a truly free market for the NFL, there would be no vote, and teams would be free to establish new stadium deals anywhere and without the official say of any other team or group of teams, or the league office. The NFL and the Raiders are trying to say that such a market exists – if the court agreed, Oakland would have no standing to file a lawsuit.

As you and I both know, that environment does not exist.

See, the only way the Raiders and the NFL can hope to win this lawsuit is to set up the idea that the City of Oakland was within a free NFL team movement market. Within that market, there would be no price barrier to entry – no subsidy ask and no relocation fee. The free market would cause such prices to fall over time – but that’s not the real NFL.

So, what we have is a situation where the City of Oakland was arguably bullied into having to cough up a huge sum of public money, $750 million, just to compete with Las Vegas and the State of Nevada. The so-called NFL Relocation Bylaws that were supposed to protect the “home city, Oakland,” from such a situation, didn’t do that at all; thus Oakland’s claim that the NFL itself violated and allowed the violation of its own relocation bylaws.

At the end of the introduction to the 2nd Response To Raiders, NFL 2nd Motion To Dismiss Argument, the Oakland lawyers call for the motion to dismiss to be terminated.

Stay tuned.

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