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Oakland Raiders Las Vegas Stadium Don Webb Trolled By Jedi Rich On Truss Problem

ONN – Oakland Raiders Las Vegas Stadium Don Webb Trolled By Jedi Rich On Truss Problem

The Las Vegas Stadium Truss problem has not been resolved. Richard and Joy Lightower, AKA Jedi Rich and Jedi Joy, angered by what they see as cyberbullying on the part of Las Vegas Review Journal Reporter Richard Velotta, focused on producing more information on the truss problem.

This is what the couple wrote in their latest blog entry:

It’s been 37 days since the crew has been able to use JAWS, the Big White Crane. JAWS is currently suspending the truss was mounted on May 14th, 2019. They had to bring the truss down and put it back up because it was 8 inches out of plumb. However, that was last week. They must not have solved the problem so they have to suspend the truss indefinitely otherwise, it will collapse. In the meantime, the crew has brought in another crane, the Barnhart. Good thing they have three cranes right now because JAWS is being used as a reverse paper weight.

And this:

(To Raiders Construction Boss Don Webb)..if your crony Rick Velotta had not made such a big stink about NOT BEING LATE back in March on Twitter, then The Jedi wouldn’t have noticed a thing.

Instead, Rick wouldn’t stop giving us reverse intel through his online tweeting

And this is the full video that was posted with the entry, above:

Now, the question is, are they correct. Another look at the images would have one believe that the crane was not just hanging there to support one truss – it was used to install new ones. That’s the point I made on my livestream, and a commenter to their latest video wrote that, as well. Here:

Doug Libecki
2 hours ago
Hey you said that crane is still hooked up to the one they had a problem with that is wrong they installed that one few days ago unhooked from it and hooked to another and lifted up a second truss this week I took screen shots from north view live cam to prove it

feel free to tweet me @raidersgiants on twitter and I’ll send those screen shots have an nice night I do enjoy your videos of stadium progres
JediRich, Creative Producer
2 hours ago
Doug Libecki Nice work 👍 Send it to @JediJoyRichShow on Twitter.

This Information Confusion Is The Fault Of The Raiders And Las Vegas Stadium Authority

If the Las Vegas Stadium Authority and the Oakland Raiders had insisted on a weekly schedule of reporting of activities, much as has been done for the construction and retrofitting of and at Salesforce Transit Center in San Francisco, the ridiculous back and forth between Rick Velotta and Jedi Rich and Jedi Joy would not have occurred.

What the Las Vegas Stadium Authority must do is stop being lazy in its media relations, and take up a process of regular weekly reporting on actions and activities. If there’s no new , then that’s the . If there’s a media controversy about an apparent construction issue, the Las Vegas Stadium Authority can address it in a timely fashion.

But two things are clear: 1, there’s a problem with the canopy truss installation that has caused a delay, and 2, there must be timely, in-house-generated reports on problems like that one by the Las Vegas Stadium Authority.

Stay tuned.

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