Racist Oakland Woman Tries Anonymous Text, Offers Stupid White Supremacist Take On Protest Blog Post

Racist Oakland Woman Tries Anonymous Text, Offers Stupid White Supremacist Take On Protest Blog Post
(Last Updated On: June 1, 2020)

Racist Oakland Woman Tries Anonymous Text, Offers Stupid White Supremacist Take On Protest Blog Post

ONN – Racist Oakland Woman Tries Anonymous Text, Offers Stupid White Supremacist Take On Protest Blog Post

This happens more and more: a person is so anxious to show that I, personally, am wrong about a account, that they always make a mistake. Why? Because it’s not really about me being correct, but about them finding something wrong because I am a black person in media. They’re so intent on getting what they think is the prize, they don’t stop to make sure their argument is sound. It’s all about the emotion of proving a black guy in media is wrong because they can’t stand I’m running my own show, Zennie62media.

In this case, the person texted me from out of the blue, yet did not provide a name and no friendly introduction. Then, they went to to ask about my video about the Honda CRX being stolen and the driver crashing it out of the Honda of Oakland Showroom. They asserted the video “looked like it was uploaded today (Sunday morning)” and thus it was not accurate.


The video’s upload date was May 30th, 2020; today is June 1, 2020, and Sunday was May 31st, 2020. So, this person was so way off it wasn’t funny. That, combined with not providing a name, made the whole deal scary. So, I found out who the person was, and the woman is in Oakland, and not far from me. Ever more scary, yes? That was why I chronicled this.

This happens a lot and more so over the past four years. I wrote to the woman “I see you’re white”, and she texted, “Yep”. So, sadly, this pattern of a kind of white supremacist racism is active still. She can’t accept that I’m in media,and so just has to find something wrong. It has to be off. And so, in a rush to prove I’m wrong, she slips on her own banana peel.

This happens a lot.

There was this guy on Facebook who attacked me because he said Oakland Now always made “factual errors” and that my post was a press release from the Oakland Unified School District. So, I wrote that he was racist – so much so, so willing to catch me in the wrong that he failed to actually read the blog post where it read in black and white that the Oakland Now post was based on a press release from OUSD to Zennie62Media.

Ah, details.

Then, a woman named Irene Hunter chimed in and said she saw that KQED had the same , and then asked him what the fuss was about that I had the post, if it was fine for KQED to have it (and he did not note that it was a press release). I said he was so into catching a black guy in media being wrong, he failed to check if he, himself, was right – he just assumed he had all the answers.

Plus, he never answered Irene’s question.

Then he said “I’m not racist”. I told him he was if a black person said he was racist, he was. If a black person tells you that you’re racist, you should ask how you can improve, not tell them they’re wrong.

Because they’re totally right.

In the case of the Oakland woman, she never bothered to consider that I had another media objective: capturing an Instagram video that showed a sensational and criminal and brazen car heist, including smashing glass along the way. Then, determining where the car may have went. All of that wizzed by her head, non-stop.


I am going to start recording these moments.

Stay tuned.

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By Zennie Abraham

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