Port Of Oakland Longshoreman Tells Oakland News Now Coronavirus-Hazzard Grand Princess Coming To Berth 20

Port Of Oakland Longshoreman Tells Oakland News Now Grand Princess Coming To Berth 20, Gives Info
(Last Updated On: March 9, 2020)

Port Of Oakland Longshoreman Tells Oakland News Now Grand Princess Coming To Berth 20, Gives Info

ONN – Port Of Longshoreman Tells Now Grand Princess Coming To Berth 20, Gives Info

Solomon Burroughs, a Port or Longshoreman, tagged this ger via Facebook, to provide a valuable update on the Grand Princess Cruise Ship that is a hazzard. Here’s the transcript from the video-blog:

Solomon Burroughs tagged me on two of my posts on Facebook which were here that’s one of them announcing the regarding the post on Treva Reid that appears at Now and he presented this link with his video so because he posted this twice he obviously intended for me to see and report this because this is public so therefore this is what he said.

Coronavirus Hazzard Grand Princess Heads For Port Of Oakland
Hazzard Grand Princess Heads For Port Of (Based on photo courtesy Twitter @alessaanne)

I’m at the 93 19, on the frontlines of local 10 ILWU Longshoreman division. Today, Trent Willis, our president of Local 10, has informed the membership that the Princess Cruise Ship Line that has been docked in the bay is coming to California, to Berth 20, the old Sealand Berth, where Sealand Company used to work at.  Now they’re bringing it to Berth 20.


Brothers and sisters: they didn’t want to bring it to San Francisco and the Embarcadero because it was too much traffic, it was a tourist attraction, too many businesses, too many things they can’t control. So they decided to bring it to Berth 20, to , California


Now, pros and cons of this. The pros, to me, is that is a place that they can really watch. It’s a place that they can quarantine – on they can keep less traffic in there, it’s a place that close to the freeways. It’s a place that’s close to the airport.


Pros. The cons is that you just don’t know what’s going on. They should have let the community know a little bit more. But one good thing about the whole thing is then you have individuals from Local ten, Local 75, Local 91, and Local 34 fighting to death for the community.


So brothers, sisters that being said, let me get a little bit into the logistics of it.


Starting today, and for four days, they are going to be ticketed the pageant is only live in California, off the ship, onto buses and from there to the airport, or riding the buses to military bases, where they’re gonna be quarantined on for further testing. No ship member and crew members are gonna be coming off this ship. Nobody from outside California will be coming off this ship. Once all the passengers are off, they’re gonna be leaving and going somewhere else for further testing.


Now. They’re gonna be a daytime operation. Nighttime, they’re gonna be working the on ship where they’re gonna be bringing in food supplies and everything else that need to be loaded up on the ship. No Longshoremans will be on the ship.


Brother and sisters, we’re gonna be wearing full PPE gear PPE Gear: Protective Personal Equipment. There’s gonna be the overalls that would wear Crockett at the Sugar Factory: white suits they cover your feet. You gonna have masks on, you’re gonna be having goggles, and you gonna be having gloves, so that way you can protect you eyes, your nose, your mouth, and your hands, so it won’t be spreading the disease.


IOnce the Longshoremens finished working that day they’re gonna be put onto the PPE gear into a disposal can be disposed of, brothers and sisters.


They’re gonna getting time-and-a-half, and the very best thing about the whole operation is that we’re gonna be working closely with all the unions to make sure that none of the Longshoremens do not spread the disease back into the community, do not take the virus back to their families that can spread. We’re taking full precautionary measures so that way no one gets sick.


Brother and sisters, we didn’t know about this until a couple days, but our president Trent Willis he has informed us so that’s great, so we have to let the community know. I’m talking about all of , West , East , North , and the surrounding cities. Because we don’t know how these that they come viral you know they’re if it’s airborne. So we have to make sure that everybody is notified everybody is protected we have 3,500 people know that it’s all about 2,500 passengers maybe 1,500, coming off you have 1500 crew members, and you have other individuals are still, staying on the ship.


So 3,500 people, they’ve been on this ship. Brother and sisters, whatever we do let’s take precautionary measures to make sure that no one else gets sick. That we do not spread it into area like West – is already going through enough pollution problems already.


Stay tuned.

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